Kopurererua Valley Reserve

One of the largest wetlands in Australasia

Kopurererua Valley Reserve and Walkway – A natural wetland in Tauranga

Kopurererua Valley Reserve is a natural urban wetland, being one of the largest in Australasia. This wonderful reserve features a variety of different experiences to cherish. Perfect for both young and old to spend some time going for a lovely stroll along the walkway/cycleway. Here is what Kopurererua Valley has to offer:

  • Native Bush
  • Farm Land
  • Wetlands & Aquatic Life
  • Ponds
  • Cycling Tracks
  • Walking Tracks
  • Kopurererua River
  • Animal Life
  • And much more!

It’s always more than just a walk or bike. Kopurererua valley walkway and cycle track feature 12km of wetland with plenty to experience if you stay aware of your surroundings.

More about Kopurererua Valley Reserve

In early November 2017, Kopurererua Valley had won a merit award for the Outstanding Park category of the NZRAA (New Zealand Recreation Association Awards).

This beautiful valley is a 300 hectare block of low lying rural land. The valley sits among residential neighbourhoods in Tauranga. On the west of the valley are Cambridge Heights and Westridge. To the north, Te Reti and Judea. South lies The Lakes and to the east, Greerton and Gate Pa.

Kopurererua Valley has been and is continually being improved upon. The plans and work for this natural wetland have been created by the Tauranga City Council and local iwi. Over the years, the valley has dramatically changed for easier access and greater use.

It is with the improvements, local people to Tauranga and tourists are getting to experience what it’s like to wonder through a natural wetland. This reserve is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Particularly with cyclists and dog walkers.

There has been a realignment of the river, 20 hectares of land cleared, with 15 hectares being replanted with around 200,000 native trees and plants. Ponds have also been dug out as well as plenty of tracks to cycle or walk along. A series of bridges have been built along the river for greater use and access.

As the walkway and cycle track are mostly gravel, footwear is recommended. Parts of the tracks are finer than others, some being dirt and grass.

Access Points into Kopurererua Valley:

The Lakes

Access from The Lakes begins near state highway 29. There is a gravel path that travels from the valley and under the state highway 29 before entering The Lakes. From here there are also many more walking tracks. Discover these tracks and more about The Lakes by visiting here.


Along Westridge Drive is an access point into Kopurererua Valley, it takes you along tracks to Cambridge Park where is located a BMX Track. From here to can move forth to Cambridge and Bethlehem. Otherwise back the other way are tracks that lead you into the valley. Parking for this access point is limited to off street parking. Better accessed by walking and cycling.


Cambridge Park features a BMX Track and is also an access point into Kopurererua Valley. This park is located off Cambridge road and can be accessed throughout the day. There are parks available.


There are two access points from Judea. One at the end of Koromiko Street and the other at the end of Birch Ave. Both points lead you to either side of the Kopurererua River. You can alternate sides of the river by using the series of bridges along the river.

Tauranga South

17th Avenue is the entry point here. Down the end near The Historic Village and Tauranga Skate park. Plenty of parking available. Walk into the valley begins with a boardwalk and then onto gravel alongside the river.

Gate Pa

Two entry points here in Gate Pa also. One is at the end of Wylie Street. Only parking is off street. Better accessed by walking and cycling. The other entry is on the corner of Faulkner St and Humber Crescent. Parks are available. Entry leads you directly to the Kopurererua River. There is also a pond on entry. Choose your pick on which direction to walk in.

Kopurererua Valley Quick Information

Location: K Valley is situated centrally among some residential neighbourhoods. Cambridge, Judea, Gate Pa, Greerton and The Lakes.

Length of walk: K Valley is roughly 12km in length.

Time Required: This is entirely dependent on tracks taken. A good hour or two if exploring everywhere by bike.

Difficulty: Easy

Wheelchair Access: Yes, although a lot of the track, particularly along the river is rough with stones.

Will you get wet: No, unless you choose to have a swim in the Kopurererua river.

Toilets: No. There are public toilets at Cambridge bmx track, which leads to K Valley.

Dogs Allowed: Yes, this is a great place to take your dog for a walk or run.

Cellphone Reception: Yes

Track Quality: Nice, clean, clear tracks. Boardwalks, fine chipseal, rough gravel along river and fine gravel tracks throughout.

Highlights: The scenery and length of track to ride or walk. Also the access points between suburbs.

Map and Directions for Kopurererua Valley Reserve

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Kopurererua Valley Reserve Image Gallery

Click through the image gallery below of Kopurererua Valley. Explore these wetlands by photo before decide to walk or cycle these awesome tracks.

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