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Tauranga over the years has become a very popular lifestyle and tourism destination in the North Island of New Zealand. Boasting numerous attractions and activities, finding many fun things to do in Tauranga is plentiful.

Existing throughout the city are many natural attractions and stunning scenery. Tauranga is home to some of New Zealand’s most popular beaches and harbour environments. Throughout the wider Tauranga area, you can also experience the lush bush-clad mountains through walking tracks as well as the wonderful waterfalls and lakes.

It is through what this city has to offer that makes it such a beautiful place. As one of New Zealand’s sunniest cities, the Tauranga weather tempts us all with outdoor fun. With such an abundance of things to do, creating wonderful memories in this beautiful city comes easily.

What to do in Tauranga today?

Things to do in Tauranga

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How Do You Spend A Day In Tauranga?

You can spend your day in Tauranga exploring the city and its surroundings. The bayside city of Tauranga is in New Zealand’s North Island. If you’re travelling with kids, there are numerous attractions for the little ones. Many families enjoy the nearby beaches, which are ideal for a day out. However, there are also plenty of Tauranga activities for adults throughout the city. Here are 5 ways you can spend a day in Tauranga:

  1. Check out one of the many local beaches such as Mt Maunganui Beach or Papamoa Beach.

2. Go shopping at one or more of the main shopping centres throughout Tauranga, how about the city centre?

3. Enjoy one of the amazing walks Tauranga has to offer or the city’s premier park, Memorial Park.

4. Explore spectacular waterfalls such as the well-known and popular Kaiate Falls.

5. Spend a day out fishing on a fishing charter or check out the many local fishing spots. Don’t forget to check out the tides in Tauranga.

A mix of 7 Top Sights and Must-Do's In Tauranga, New Zealand

Many locals cherish the spectacular sights our city has to offer. These sights are visited many times over by visitors, holiday goers and many others who wish to explore Tauranga’s sights and attractions. A great deal of the attractions and activities in Tauranga are kid-friendly, outdoors, and involve getting out amongst nature experiencing the natural scenery of Tauranga.

1. Go kayaking at McLaren Falls in the sunny Bay of Plenty

Kayaking at McLaren Falls is perfect for families with children. If you haven’t tried it before, this is a great place to start. The park’s 190 hectares are home to beautiful waterfalls, hiking trails, and a disc golf course. The park has some of the best botanical collections in New Zealand, and even glow worms at night. These can also be seen by entering into caves by kayak at night! Click here to read more about McLaren Falls.

Kayaking at McLaren Falls

2. Walk Up Mauao in Mount Maunganui

People from all over the world and New Zealand will almost always find themselves climbing Mauao while in Mt Maunganui – if you’re ever lucky enough to visit Tauranga! Climbing Mauao is a Must-Do when visiting Mount Maunganui, a suburb of Tauranga. Located on the peninsula, the summit of Mauao treats you to panoramic views of Tauranga and beyond, in all directions. Some of the more notable places you’ll see include Pilot Bay, Leisure Island, Mount Maunganui Beach, Matakana Island and the Tauranga Harbour. Click here to read more about the Mt Maunganui Summit Walk.

The view from the summit of Mt Maunganui Summit Track

3. Visit Te Puna Quarry Park

During the 1990’s, the Te Puna Quarry Park Society was formed to transform this disused quarry into an idyllic park. The project was a huge success and has grown to be a popular attraction for visitors. With a beautiful waterfall, ponds and tree ferns, this park has something for everyone. Only 10 minutes from the Tauranga City Centre.

The park is also home to many sculptures and outdoor art works created by local artists. These wonderful works of art can be found using one of the many walking tracks which are suitable for all levels and ages. The area is beautiful and peaceful, and is great for families, couples, and groups. Click here to discover more about Te Puna Quarry Park.

Te Puna Quarry Park Gardens and Walk

4. View the epic scenery from Minden Lookout

Located 286 metres above sea level, Minden Lookout is a spectacular location for taking in the city’s stunning panorama. Accessible via a well-signed road, it is also wheelchair-friendly. The road offers multiple parking spaces and is completely wheelchair-accessible. A short walk from the car park will give you the best view of Minden and its surroundings. So what’s on in Tauranga today? Visiting the Lookout, remember and be sure to bring your camera. 

The Minden Lookout In Tauranga

5. Take a rejuvenating walk through a forest

There is something relaxing and rejuvenating about walking through an untouched forest. The fresh air, the peace and quiet… Whatever is it that get’s you amongst the trees, enjoy these special locations in Tauranga that have very pleasant bush walks. Tuahu Kauri Walking Track, the awesome Aongatete Walking Tracks, as well as Otanewainuku being another. If you’re looking for things to do in Tauranga, bush walks are a must.

Tuahu Kauri Tree Track

6. Have a refreshing swim at Poripori

There is something very refreshing about swimming in a beautiful river. Poripori has very pleasant scenery and odd little rock pools to enjoy just as much as the water hole itself. Find yourself swimming amongst nature during the hot summer months in Tauranga. Click here to learn more about Poripori today!

Pori Pori

7. Take a walk up Papamoa Hills Regional Park

Papamoa is known for its beach, being Tauranga’s largest suburb and it’s flat land… Until you look to the hills, Papamoa Hills that is, otherwise known as Papamoa Regional Park. Walk this great track as it leads you to the summit of the hills. Amazing views over Tauranga City, Mt Maunganui and the Bay of Plenty coast. It is a popular walk and great for the whole family. Plenty of Maori culture and history associated with these hills too!  Find out more about Papamoa hills by clicking here!

Papamoa Hills Regional Park