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What is the current Tauranga Population?


Tauranga is the largest city in the Bay of Plenty and has become the fifth largest urban area in New Zealand, surpassing Dunedin. The population of Tauranga city currently sits at 128,200 people as of 2016, according to Statistics New Zealand. The Tauranga population growth had risen 14 percent between the 2001 and the 2006 census. It was due this surge in population growth that propelled Tauranga to become New Zealand’s 5th largest city.

  • Tauranga Population – 128,000 (2016, Statistics New Zealand)
  • Tauranga City holds 2.7 percent of New Zealand’s population.
  • The Tauranga population currently ranks 6th in size out of the 67 districts in New Zealand.
  • Males In Tauranga – 54,384 (2013, Statistics New Zealand)
  • Females In Tauranga – 60,408 (2013, Statistics New Zealand)

There are plenty of reasons for the huge increase in growth within Tauranga. These include the city’s highly sought after natural environment, wonderful climate, and a robust economy anchored by the Port of Tauranga.

Others have also noted the acclaimed “Auckland effect” where people relocated from New Zealand’s largest city to “enjoy the change in lifestyle and easier access to property ownership”.

Statistics New Zealand estimate that Tauranga’s population would break 129,000 people in 2018 – which would be an increase of about 13,000 in five years.


What is the population Of Mount Maunganui?


If we were to consider the “whole” of Mount Maunganui according to what people believe it is, the population of Mt Maunganui would be 19,065, according to the 2013 Statistics New Zealand.

If only truly looking at the suburb of Mount Maunganui North, the population would then be 4,131. Which is an increase of 396 people, since the 2006 Census.

  • Population of Mount Maunganui – 19,065 (2013, Statistics New Zealand)
  • Population of Mount Maunganui North – 4,131 (2013, Statistics New Zealand)


The population of Papamoa


Papamoa has undergone a major transformation from a widely popular rural and holiday destination to now having become Tauranga’s largest suburb. The population of Papamoa has now grown to 20,091, according to the 2013 census. For Papamoa, this growth has really only just begun, with development expected to continue spreading eastwards over the coming years.

With the completion of the Tauranga Eastern Link, the attractiveness for both businesses and households would have grown immensely. This would be due to the more ease of access both into Tauranga city and out towards the eastern Bay of Plenty.

  • Population of Papamoa – 20,091 (2013, Statistics New Zealand)
  • Expected Population growth 2013-2023: 74% (5,190 people)
  • For Papamoa in the short-term, retail and other services will continue to grow primarily throughout the neighbourhood centres.
  • For Papamoa long-term, as residential construction makes it’s way into the Te Tumu area, there may be potential for a more significant retail centre to be developed.


What about the Te Puke Population?


The Te Puke population continues to grow as does the city of Tauranga. In fact, the Tauranga population has grown by the size of Te Puke in the last two years and is set to continue growing.

The Te Puke population sits at 7,150, according to the Statistics New Zealand census in 2013.


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