Waikareao Estuary

Over 9km of walk & cycle way through central Tauranga

The Waikareao Estuary Walkway

Waikareao Estuary Walkway is a popular walking and cycling track in central Tauranga. This loop track provides roughly 9km of well-marked, easy to ride trail. The track passes through and around a tidal wetland offering beautiful scenery.

Waikareao Estuary Walkway

Waikareao Loop consists completely of boardwalks, bridges, gravel and sealed footpath. Along the track at different locations are a number of cycle-friendly cafés along the way. The track is multi-use and can be ridden from both directions as it makes it’s way around the Waikareao Estuary. The majority of this track sits just above the high tide line in this popular wetland environment.

This track features an impressive boardwalk that winds through the tidal wetland as it edges the estuary offering many potential encounters with the local wildlife. This includes an abundant bird life, which includes beautiful kingfishers, herons, grey ducks, pied stilts and oyster catchers. You’ll find the majority of this track rather flat with only slight undulations through a small section of the native bush areas.

The walk and cycle-way is perfect for young families and is suitable for all ages including all riding abilities.

However, you wish to take note of the raised boardwalks above the mangroves. Very young children will definitely need to be supervised while riding through some sections of the track. The boardwalk sections are quite wide and provide enough room for riders from both directions to pass each other and walkers easily.

You may wish to allow roughly two hours to complete the full loop at a leisurely pace.

Some of the streets this series of tracks and trails link up to are the following:

  • Chapel St or Chapel Street
  • Coach Drive
  • Waihi Road
  • Takitimu Drive
  • Maxwells Road

Map and Directions for Waikareao Estuary

Waikareao Estuary Image Gallery

There are some fantastic sights along this great easy going walk and cycle way. This gallery below only shows a small portion of the full 9km walking and cycle track.

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