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Suburbs In Tauranga

Tauranga Suburbs

These Tauranga Suburbs are all based upon information gathered by Statistics New Zealand. We have come to understand that some of these Tauranga Suburbs are named and are known differently. So to keep things simple, we are simply going by the names given by Statistics New Zealand.

NOTE: All information on these Tauranga Suburbs are based on the 2013 census. The next census will be released in 2018 and the information on the suburbs in Tauranga will be updated accordingly.

  • Suburbs In Papamoa


Number of people 1,449
Median age 39.1
Median personal income 17,600
Number of households 555


Number of people 2,724
Median age 37.8
Median personal income 24,900
Number of households 945


Number of people 459
Median age 27.1
Median personal income 18,200
Number of households 123

Pacific View

Number of people 2,688
Median age 38
Median personal income 26,300
Number of households 1,002

Palm Beach

Number of people
Median age 37.5
Median personal income 25,700
Number of households 1,314

Palm Springs

Number of people3,093
Median age35.3
Median personal income 
Number of households1,134

Papamoa Beach East

Number of people
Median age 33.7
Median personal income 24,000
Number of households 1,176

Upper Papamoa

Number of people 2,007
Median age 39.6
Median personal income 29,700
Number of households 741
  • Suburbs In Mount Maunganui


Number of people 5,124
Median age 41
Median personal income 20,800
Number of households 2,022


Number of people 681
Median age 32.8
Median personal income 21,300
Number of households 201
Mount Maunganui North
Number of people 3,738
Median age 37.9
Median personal income 29,700
Number of households 1,641


Number of people 5,013
Median age 36.4
Median personal income 26,100
Number of households 2,028

Te Maunga

Number of people 4,764
Median age 48.8
Median personal income 20,700
Number of households 2,130
  • Suburbs In Tauranga


Number of people3,534
Median age33.1
Median personal income 
Number of households1,248


Number of people 3,876
Median age 46.3
Median personal income 30,000
Number of households 1,347

Bethlehem East

Number of people 3,390
Median age 48.1
Median personal income 31,700
Number of households 1,326


Number of people 5,028
Median age 34.5
Median personal income 26,200
Number of households 1,911

Gate Pa

Number of people 3,033
Median age 32.3
Median personal income 22,700
Number of households 1,128


Number of people 4,170
Median age 41.9
Median personal income 22,100
Number of households


Number of people 2,490
Median age 38.1
Median personal income 23,200
Number of households


Number of people 5,766
Median age 42.6
Median personal income 28,600
Number of households 2,265


Number of people 5,286
Median age 43.6
Median personal income 30,700
Number of households 1,935


Number of people 1,419
Median age 39.7
Median personal income 29,500
Number of households 492

Matakana Island

Number of people 255
Median age 38.3
Median personal income 18,500
Number of households 87


Number of people 5,151
Median age 48.2
Median personal income 30,000
Number of households 2,055


Number of people 2,724
Median age 45
Median personal income 28,400
Number of households 1,086

Merivale (Parkvale) | Listed as ‘Yatton Park’ according to Statistics New Zealand

Number of people 2,403
Median age 30.7
Median personal income 19,500
Number of households 840


Number of people4,401
Median age45.7
Median personal income 
Number of households1,650


Number of people
Median age 45.5
Median personal income 28,200
Number of households 276


Number of people2,547
Median age53.1
Median personal income 
Number of households1,053

Otumoetai North

Number of people 3,750
Median age 50.7
Median personal income 28,400
Number of households 1,752

Otumoetai South

Number of people 3,405
Median age 43.6
Median personal income 31,400
Number of households 1,407


Number of people 738
Median age 27.4
Median personal income 19,900
Number of households270

Pyes Pa

Number of people6,036
Median age43.2
Median personal income 
Number of households 2,133

Sulphur Point

Number of people 27
Median age 38.5
Median personal income 22,500
Number of households 12

Tauranga Central

Number of people 2,226
Median age 53.2
Median personal income 27,800
Number of households

Tauranga Hospital

Number of people 1,881
Median age 38.9
Median personal income 22,000
Number of households 771

Tauranga South

Number of people 4,344
Median age 46.4
Median personal income 24,600
Number of households 1,899


Unfortunately Tauriko is not listed as one of the Tauranga Suburbs with Statistics New Zealand. We assume that based on 2013 census, Tauriko was not considered as such. At the time of the 2013 census, Tauriko may have been apart of either Bethlehem or Pyes Pa. We hope to update this as the following 2018 census is completed.

Te puna

Number of people 2,439
Median age
Median personal income
Number of households 906

Te Reti

Number of people 1,665
Median age 36.3
Median personal income 25,500
Number of households 591


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