Mount Maunganui Summit

Summit of 'Mauao'

The Great Mount Maunganui Summit Track

Mauao in Mount Maunganui is the unmissable mountain that can be seen for miles. This mountain is treasured by locals and those visiting for its beautiful walks and amazing views – the Mount Maunganui Summit Track itself is most impressive. People from the Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand and the world over have walked this great track. It is a very popular track for those visiting Mt Maunganui on cruise ships. It is also a great place to view the cruise ships arrive and leave.

Standing 232m above sea level, this iconic mountain, ‘Mauao’, is significant in many ways.

The Mount Maunganui summit track is not an easy track. This will require a reasonably good level of fitness and mobility to climb to the top. With that being said, it’s a fantastic walk and the effort that is put in is well rewarded. Be sure to take water and pace yourself.

Upon reaching the summit of Mauao, your scenic view will differ depending on which direction you choose to look from. Your view is panoramic and lets you see for miles in any direction.


Views From The Summit

From the multiple locations around the summit, your views will consist of a wide range of different scenery. Some of this scenery are the local islands that sit off the coast in the Pacific Ocean. The islands you will be able to see are:

  • Moturiki Island (Leisure Island)
  • Matakana Island
  • Mayor Island
  • Motuotau Island
  • Motiti Island

Other parts of the scenic views will be Mount main and down the coastline towards Papamoa and beyond.

Tauranga’s harbour, city and suburbs.

Bowentown and Waihi Beach.

Right from the east to west is the Kaimai Ranges of which the city of Tauranga sits inside of.


Tracks To The Summit Of Mauao

There are multiple tracks that lead you to the summit, two being most popular.

Oruahine and Waikorire. Both begin from the ocean side of the base track. The Oruahine track merges with the third track upon which you carry on up towards the summit. The third walking track starts near Pilot Bay. It is also a 4WD track that is used by vehicles during emergencies and for maintenance, not accessible to vehicles from the general public.


Toilets And Water Fountain

Before you make your way up the Mauao summit track, either side of each access points are public toilets. Near Pilot Bay and the front of the surf lifesaving club. Here nearby, you will also find a water fountain where you can enjoy a drink or fill up your water bottle.

Map and Directions for Mount Maunganui Summit Track

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