The Minden Lookout

Overlooking Tauranga

The Minden Lookout In Tauranga

Minden lookout is the ultimate. The single best vantage point to view the picturesque panoramic view of Tauranga. Overlooking Tauranga city, Mount Maunganui, the harbour, islands and far beyond. At 220m above sea level, you will be sure to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Compared to the other sights and views mentioned, there is no walking involved to reach this wonderfully beautiful view. A drive will take you right up Minden Rd where you will come across what is known as, “The Lookout”. There are multiple parking spaces available.

The Minden Lookout structure is quite distinct and will be on the left side of the road. The lookout also has a couple of picnic tables available.

The Omokoroa-Te Puna Lions Club handed over the Minden Lookout to the Tauranga County Council on Saturday 28th October 1978 after a construction time of 21 months. The project was completed by a comparatively new club and took just under 2000 hours to construct with members committing their time on a voluntary basis.

Map and Directions for The Minden Lookout In Tauranga
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Minden Lookout Image Gallery

This image gallery of the Minden Lookout shows you what to expect but really does show an injustice of just how awesome this view is. It’s a wonderful place for an alternative sight of Tauranga and beyond.

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