Leisure Island (Moturiki)

A Slice Of Beauty

Leisure Island (Moturiki)

Moturiki Island, also known as Leisure Island, is a popular island located off Mount Maunganui Main Beach. This is a walk that is enjoyed by locals and holiday goers for its beautiful walk, alternative views and much more.

If you’re in Mount Maunganui and are looking for a short, exciting walk somewhere unique… Leisure Island may be just the walk you are looking for.

Accessed from a man-made land bridge, off of Mount Maunganui’s Main Beach, this island is well known for its blow hole on the far end of the island. The views are sought after both as a scenic walk and for photographers. The views you will get to enjoy overlook the Pacific Ocean, Mauao, Mount maunganui Beach and back along the coast toward Papamoa.

This short walk from Mount Main, taking 10-20 minutes to reach the blowhole, is widely accessed by people all over. Simply follow the well-marked track on Leisure Island, which is easily walked. At the end of the track, you will find yourself reaching a whole bunch of rocks protruding out from the ground. If you wish, you can scramble over them to enjoy one of the best vantage points.

You will also see people fishing from the rocks from time to time. Leisure Island has become over the years a popular land based fishing spot in Tauranga. It is well known to produce some great fishing experiences if you’re keen. Your catch will most likely consist of Kahawai, Snapper, John Dory & Kingfish.

Once upon a time, Moturiki Island was used as a quarry. During this time, the face of the island was changed forever.

The rocks that currently surround Leisure Island have come to exist as a result of the quarry and the constant weathering creating lots of odd shapes and sizes. You will find among all the rocks many rock pools. These pools consist of barnacles, limpets, seashell creatures and more that thrive in the rock pools.

As you have read, Leisure Island is a wonderful place to visit while exploring ‘The Mount’. Take the kids along for a walk, as there is lots of fun to have. Splash about and enjoy the warm rock pools during the summer most of all, enjoy the adventure!

Leisure Island Quick Information

Location: Off Mount Maunganui Beach – Marine Parade, Moturiki Island, Tauranga

Length of walk: Roughly 500m from the beach

Time Required: From Mt Maunagnui beach to the end of Moturiki Island is about a 15 minute walk

Difficulty: Easy

Wheelchair Access: No

Will you get wet: No, unless you choose to splash around in a rock pool

Toilets: No

Dogs Allowed: Yes, this is a great place to take your dog for a walk or run.

Cellphone Reception: Yes

Track Quality: Nice, clean, clear tracks

Highlights: The scenery from Moturiki Island is absolutely beautiful. Gallery below.

Map and Directions for Leisure Island (Moturiki)

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Leisure Island (Moturiki) Image Gallery

Take a look at the image gallery below of Leisure Island. The images showcase just how amazing Moturiki Island truly is. An excellent place for a walk while at The Mount.

View the below images of the surrounding areas and pathways. Within the images are Mauao, the Pacific Ocean, pathways and rocks alongside the island.

What are some things to do while here?

  • Soak in the scenery and fantastic views
  • Play in the rock pools on the side of the island
  • Go fishing off the rocks
  • Have a picnic

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