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Mount Maunganui Base Track - One Of New Zealand's Favourite Walks

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Mount Maunganui’s iconic mountain, ‘Mauao’, offers two distinctly unique and wondrous walking tracks. First is known at the base track, one of New Zealand’s most popular scenic walks around the base of Mauao. And of course, the summit track. Where you can walk to the summit of Mauao and relish the experience of unbeatable views.

The Mount Maunganui summit track overlooks the Pacific Ocean, Mount Maunganui, Pilot Bay, Matakana Island, Tauranga, and beyond.

The base track is roughly 3km long, taking around 40 minutes or so to complete. You can begin this walk around Mauao at either side. One nearing Pilot Bay and the other nearing the surf lifesaving club.

The pathway is mostly light gravel, wide enough with plenty of room for runners, pushchairs and groups of people who wish to walk side by side. It is quite a busy track at times where a little cooperation between friendly individuals is needed to allow each other to pass.

This awesome walk is plentiful of views and things to see. Almost completely surrounded by water, Mauao offers beautiful views of the Tauranga harbour, Matakana Island and the Pacific Ocean.

Captain Cook once sailed past Mauao and Mount Maunganui but never sailed into the harbour. On his voyage around New Zealand, he named this area Bay of Plenty. This was because of the friendliness of the Maori and the plenty of food that was available and traded at the time.

If you are lucky enough to see a cruise ships arrive into the Tauranga harbour or depart out to the open sea, it is truly something to enjoy. And if you enjoy looking over the rocks as you walk along, you may even catch a sight of a seal bathing in the sun or a penguin waddling about.

Below is an image of a shipping container ship taken from the base track of Mauao. Unfortunately I haven’t photographed a cruise ship entering or exiting the harbour.

At different points around the track, you will find numerous park benches and seats to stop and rest, or to simply enjoy the scenery at hand. Fantastic views of Matakana Island, and other offshore islands visible on the Pacific Ocean side of Mauao.

This is a truly wonderful walking track. It is almost all a walk that offers everything one could ever ask for. The scenery changes from time to time, especially during times of significant sea level changes. If you get thirsty, there is a water fountain near the surf club on the Mount Maunganui beach.

As you come to the end of either side you choose to walk, you’re only a short distance to all the fantastic and popular nearby cafes, shops and Marine Parade. Stop along and enjoy a bite to eat or a cool drink on a hot day.

Map of Mauao Walking Tracks

This map belongs to the local Tauranga City Council – If you wish to view their maps, click the link below.

Tauranga City Council Maps

Mauao Track Distances

These are approximates taken from the signs at the base of Mauao.

  • Base Track – Approx 45 minutes and 2,936m long
  • Base Track to Oruahine (This is a steep track) – Approx 25 minutes and 100m long

Quick Information about Mount Maunganui Base Track

Location: At the end of Mount Maunganui

Parking: Plenty of parking available, but if you’re looking to find a car park, get in early!

Length of walk: About 3 kilometres

Time Required: This track takes roughly 40 minutes to complete

Difficulty: Easy

Wheelchair Access: Yes, but take care

Will you get wet: No

Toilets: Yes. There are public toilets near both entrances to the base track

Dogs Allowed: No Dogs Permitted

Cellphone Reception: Yes

Track Quality: Nice, clean, clear tracks (Most of the time). Boardwalks and fine gravel tracks throughout

Highlights: The absolutely wonderful scenery right round the base track

Rubbish Bins: There are no rubbish bins around the track

Toilets Near Mauao

Nearby on either side of each access points are public toilets.

One is near Pilot Bay, opposite the boat ramp.

The other toilet is at the front of the local Mt Maunganui Surf Lifesaving Club at Mt Maunganui Beach.

Water Fountain

At Mount Maunganui Surf Life Saving Club, there is also a water fountain where you can enjoy a drink or fill up your water bottle.

Rubbish Bins

If you do stop along the track and decide to have a picnic, because there are no rubbish bins on Mauao. Please make sure to take all rubbish away with you. 

Map and Directions for Mount Maunganui (Mauao) Base Track

Located in the suburb of Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, in the North Island of New Zealand.

Mount Maunganui Base Track Image Gallery

View the awesome image gallery of the base track around Mauao in Tauranga, New Zealand. No photos of the surf club or toilets, etc. Plenty of ocean side views and nearing Pilot Bay

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