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The Greatest Mount Maunganui Fishing Spots

If you love fishing, then you are in luck! The town of Mount Maunganui in the Bay of Plenty, is situated on a sand bar that connects the island of Mauao to the mainland. Its residents have access to both the harbour side and the ocean side. The distance between the two beaches is only a few blocks. You can go fishing from either beach, though most people prefer the ocean side. The water surrounding the town is shallow, so you can walk over the rocks to reach the best platforms.

The area around Mount Maunganui is great for catching kahawai and snapper. The flat surface is ideal for small baits, and you should fix the sinker below the trace. The surrounding waters are also a good source of bream. Moturiki Island is also located off Mount Maunganui and is easily accessible, it produces a variety fish. If you’re looking for a fishing spot, try to go during the rising tide.

Besides the Tauranga harbour entrance, Mount Maunganui also has some excellent spots for fishing. The harbour’s waters are generally calm and can be easily fished from a boat. If you’re after kahawai, try the area at the southern entrance. There are many great spots to catch snapper here.

Pilot Bay is one of the most popular places for fishing in Mount Maunganui. The harbor’s main beach is well-protected and patrolled, and you’ll find a variety of fish here. Its beaches are located between the Warrior Statue and the south mount jetty. It’s also possible to find secret fishing spots between the two.

If you’re looking for a quiet and tranquil fishing spot, Mount Maunganui may be the right place for you. The town is popular for its sandy beach and is a popular beach location. The Mount Maunganui Harbour Bridge connects the town’s main beach with the central business district. Unlike most other suburbs, Mount Maunganui is also home to an attractive white-sand surf beach.

Before you go fishing, make sure to check for weather conditions and the Tauranga tides. Pick the best time that’s available for you and head out to one of the Mount Maunganui fishing spots.

Fishing Spots at The Mount

Mount Maunganui rocks

Around Mauao on the far north side, you’ll find rocks upon which you can walk over and reach multiple points where you can cast your line from. Quite often, keen people fish off these rocks with reasonable success. Just for your awareness, the rocks around this area are quite rough and require care and a keen eye to keep yourself safe.

Cast out into the channel and see what’s on offer. Here you can catch Snapper, John Dory, Kahawai and Kingfish that cruise through. Make sure to check the Tauranga tides.

Near the entrance to the base track of Mauao on the Pilot Bay side is a small wharf upon which you can also fish from. Cast your line into the channel and see what this fishing spot has to offer.


Mount Maunganui’s Salisbury Wharf

Salisbury Wharf at the eastern end of Pilot Bay is a great place to fish and take the kids and have them experience the outdoor activity. Use a handline or rod and fish for whatever is around, you can also cast right out into the channel. A lot of spotties here but if you’re lucky, you may just catch a Snapper or Kahawai. John Dory’s are also around, put on a live bait and you may also hook a Kingfish swimming through.


Leisure Island

Moturiki Island, more popularly known as “Leisure Island”, is also often a great place to fish. Along a short 5-10 minute walk up towards the blowhole are rocks upon which you can scramble over and find a posse to fish from. Check the Tauranga tides for when it’s right. There is a lot of deep water around this area that is beneficial to catching some great fish.

These are the general Mount Maunganui Fishing Spots. There are many more around the place, you only have to get a little creative. Just before the Harbour Bridge is the Tauranga Bridge Marina also.

Tauranga Tides

It goes without saying, if you’re interested in fishing throughout Tauranga, you’re most certainly interested in the tide times. Whether you’re after the high tide or low tides, you can see them all by clicking below. The tide times will be generally the same for most places throughout the Bay of Plenty.

Tauranga Tides & Times

Local times for tides including High tides and Low tides in Tauranga.

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