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Tauranga Fishing Charters can take you on private fishing trips or group trips to a variety of local spots. These include deep sea fishing and reef fishing trips. Many choose to simply experience fishing in the Tauranga Harbour, off Mount Maunganui.

Others may venture out further to spots around islands such as Matakana Island, near the harbour or out further still around Mayor Island.

These are all amazing day trips, whether a full day or half day trips.

While many charters target table species such as snapper and salmon, there are also a variety of deep water trips available. These trips take you to 300-400 meters deep, where you can catch fish such as bass, gemfish, marlin and bluenose. Among other species, Hapuka fishing is also very popular.

Tauranga Fishing Charters

Fishing Trips in the Beautiful Bay of Plenty

Getting to know the captain

Getting to know the captain of your fishing charter is one of the best ways to make the most out of your experience. A great captain will have an extensive knowledge of the local waters and fishing techniques, and should be able to share this knowledge with you. In addition, a well-trained, knowledgeable local guide can make the difference between a good day on the water and an unforgettable fishing trip.

While fishing charters are a popular hobby for many anglers, it is important to find a professional who has been in the business for several years.

It is not uncommon for experienced fishermen to make the switch from fishing as a hobby to a career in fishing charters. These experienced fishermen have had a chance to practice different fishing methods and techniques before going pro, and you should be aware of that when you’re booking your fishing charter.

Getting out on the water

Fishing charters are an easy way to enjoy the outdoors while getting a chance to try out your fishing skills. Charters are designed to accommodate all levels of experience and age groups, and they can provide a memorable fishing experience for everyone. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a fishing charter:

First, consider what kind of fishing experience you would like. There are two main types of fishing trips: inshore and nearshore. Inshore fishing trips tend to take place in calm waters and feature smaller fish. These trips are ideal for first-time anglers and families with children. Nearshore fishing trips travel to deeper waters and allow for bottom fishing.

Tauranga's first charter boat

Many Tauranga fishing charters provide private and public fishing trips for groups of up to 25 people. Most companies specialize in fishing for popular table species. Popular charter boat services offer trips into deeper waters from 300 to 400 metres deep. It is within these deeper waters where you’ll find a variety of species including bass, gemfish, bluenose, and more.

In the early 1930s, Tauranga’s first charter boat for fish was built by a local fisherman named Jerry Williams. He had been plying his trade in the Auckland harbour on a shallow draught vessel and traded his house for the boat. Initially, he ferried Matikati island residents but soon began taking any jobs he could get.

When he was in Tauranga, a group of people suggested he take them fishing, and he agreed. Guests would have the opportunity to keep three fish if they were able to catch them themselves.

Going fishing on a charter boat on a good day off Mount Maunganui

Tauranga Charter boat services offer a variety of fishing trips for individuals, groups, and even families. Many are able to accommodate as many as 25 people and target a variety of species that make for delicious table fare. Tauranga Fishing Charters can take you and your friends and family to shallow waters, or venture out into deeper water.

If it’s a good day, you can head out to Motiti Island, a 16-km-off-shore island where you can catch a variety of species. Kingfish, John Dory, Tarakihi, Porae, and Trevally are some of the most common species found here. In addition to these, you can also catch Kahawai, a great light tackle fish that’ll take a variety of lures.

Be sure the weather forecast is optimal before looking into bookings.

More reasons to experience a local fishing charter in the Bay of Plenty

Fishing with a Tauranga fishing charter is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the area’s beautiful scenery and freshwater lakes. From hand-held rods and electric reels, you can fish for a variety of species.

Some of the top fish to be caught on a bottom fishing trip include Snapper, John Dory and Trevally. You’ll also be able to hook a few Kahawai, a popular light tackle fish that bites a variety of lures.

Another popular fishing location in the Bay of Plenty is Tauranga Harbour. Kingfish love the harbour because there is plenty of terrains for them to ambush. They cruise the shallow flats, searching for bait fish in the sea grass patches.

If you’re after a great challenge, try Hapuka fishing. Among other notable species to are Marlin and Tuna. These offer fantastic experiences and a great day of fishing offshore.

Freshwater Charter Services

When it comes to fishing charters in Tauranga, one option is to head to Lake Tarawera, an hour’s drive outside of town. This lake is ideal for fly and light tackle fishing. Some fishing charters even include a stop at local hot springs. Remember to bring your fishing license if you plan on fishing on this lake.

Hiring Private Fishing Trips

There are many benefits to hiring a private fishing charter. Unlike shared charter groups, private fishing trips aren’t limited to a specific number of guests. You can request a particular length of the trip or ask for recommendations from the captain about the best fishing conditions. You can also ask about the equipment on board.

Choose a great captain with plenty of experience. A well-versed captain will make the difference between a great day and an unforgettable one. When choosing a captain, learn as much as you can about their fishing experience and how long they have been in business. A knowledgeable guide will ensure that your fishing trip is a memorable one.

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