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Whether you want to plan a fishing trip, a family day out, or a fishing event, knowing the tides in Tauranga is an essential piece of information. Some harbours are only accessible at certain times of the day. Planning your day around tide times can prevent unexpected surprises, such as having to turn back or cancel an event. 

To keep yourself up-to-date, we’ve provided local tide times for Tauranga for you below.

Tides In Tauranga Today | Graph & Times


Information about the Tauranga Tide Times and Graph above

Regardless of whether you’re going fishing or enjoying a day out at the beach, knowing the exact times of high and low tides in Tauranga will help you plan your activities.

The above graph shows the tide times for the next seven days. Typically, the largest difference between the high and low tides indicates the spring tide, while the smallest difference shows the neap tide.

The tide forecast for Tauranga is available with the risk of inaccuracies and errors. It is not a replacement for official documents. The site team does not provide any warranties for the accuracy or quality of the data on its site. They also decline all responsibility in case of misuse. Because the tides are unpredictable, the predictions may not be completely accurate, and the amplitude of the tides may vary from week to week.

High and low tides in Tauranga vary by time of day, but the current data is accurate enough to guide you through your day. In case you’re traveling by sea or by boat, check the local tide charts to see when the tide will reach the highest point. Also, check the tidal data for the area to avoid getting trapped by the tides! It’s also important to take note of the daylight saving time change.

Potential risks of using tide forecasts

Use caution when viewing tidal times, even in Tauranga, New Zealand.

The site team disclaims all responsibility and quality guarantees and declines any liability for damage resulting from their use.

As stated above, tides are often unpredictable and amplitudes can vary wildly from week to week. Users must exercise all due diligence to ensure safety while using these tide forecasts.

The frequency and magnitude of extreme storm tides are calculated from digital records, but this may bias the results in places without historic storms.

For example, Tauranga Harbour experienced the highest skew surge during cyclone Giselle in 1968. However, the tide gauge was not operational during this storm, making it impossible to analyze the data on an hourly basis. Joint-probability methods are used to overcome this problem.

Your guide to local Tauranga tides and the best spots to fish in Tauranga

Thinking of heading out for a fish?

Tauranga gives you the option to fish in a variety of different types of environments. One of them are rivers. Tauranga has a few to fish from if you tend to like river fishing. If you would like to cast into the harbour, try so by casting off the rocks or fishing from the pontoon. This can be found at the Tauranga Bridge Marina.

How about surfcasting off the beach? Or sending the kontiki out while you relax and enjoy the day? Of course there is always the option of heading out in the boat… Explore Tauranga has collected for you a wonderful array of fishing spots that are excellent for a day out. 

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