Waimapu Estuary Walkway

Walk the edges of Waimapu via Yatton Park

Walk the Waimapu Estuary Walkway

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The Waimapu Estuary Walkway is a short, loop track through Tauranga’s Fraser Street Reserve. The track begins or ends from Fraser St, near Fraser Cove. By way of walking alongside the estuary, you make your way through to the popular Yatton park.

This park features a number of beautiful walking tracks also. These tracks walk down and alongside the Waimapu River within the bush at Yatton Park.

The length of this awesome estuary stretches from Turret Rd through Yatton and Greerton park upon reaching Windemere, crossing the footbridge.

Avoid swimming in the area as the water quality can often not be desirable. Especially avoid swimming during times of significant rainfall.

Bush walk through Waimapu Estuary walkway

Protected wildlife in the estuary

The Waimapu Estuary and protected animals are an important part of Tauranga’s ecology. The Waimapu River enters Tauranga Harbour from the Waimapu Estuary and is an important ecological area for birdlife and fish. Local Maori also value the area’s cultural heritage, as well as its protected wildlife.

The estuary is home to a variety of species, including mingimingi trees (coprosma propinqua), the best example of which grows three to six metres tall.

Dolphins have also visited this estuary, both to play and seek out food.

Birds that inhabit the estuary

The rich biodiversity of New Zealand’s Waimapu Estuary can be found in its surrounding environment. These waters are home to many species of migratory birds as well as a number of permanent residents. Herons and egrets are common on the marsh edges, and many fish species make their home in these areas. 

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