Tuahu Kauri Walking Track

One of the Bay's Biggest Kauri Trees

Tuahu Kauri Walking Tracks

The Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park, situated within the Kaimai ranges, is home to the spectacular Tuahu Kauri tree. The track is found at the end of the Hot Springs Road, about a 15 minute drive just south of Katikati.

This track leads to a magnificent Kauri tree. The track is well-benched and graded and winds through native bush. There is a side track leading to a platform that surrounds the astonishing Kauri tree (although not quite as impressive as Tane Mahuta). Eventually, the track rises to the crest of the Kaimai Range and offers wonderful views of the Hauraki basin.

Tuahu Kauri Walking Tracks


The Tuahu Kauri Loop Track begins at the top of Hot Springs Rd, and leads to a viewpoint of the Kaimai Valley. There are small groups of young Kauri trees beside the track. Follow this track until you come to a wooden platform at the base of the large Kauri tree. The boardwalk is an amazing way to admire this ancient New Zealand native tree. If you are able to do it safely, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of this unique landscape.

The Tuahu Track is a 13km walk through beautiful native forest. The track includes a small stream that you must cross to continue on your walk. The tracks are well maintained. Just make sure to take off your shoes before you walk in the kauri forest. You can only enjoy the beauty of New Zealand’s indigenous vegetation if you visit the Kaimai Mamaku Conservation Park. Once you’ve done that, you’ll know how to appreciate the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

The track is a great way to explore the Kaimai Ranges. The track is dotted with small kauri trees and offers stunning views. The track is well-maintained and easy to follow. The last part of the track to Sentinel Rock is a little rough, but is worth a walk. A detailed map of the track and its surroundings is available at the DoC web site.

The Tuahu Kauri walking track is part of Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park. This is a great walk for families with children. You can start your walk from the parking lot on Hot Springs Rd and continue on to the lookout sign. You’ll find plenty of interesting information about the area and its history at the park’s visitor centre. You can also visit the Sentinel Rock if you are looking for a good view from the top.

After roughly 20 minutes, a side track will lead you to a platform surrounding one of the biggest kauri trees in the Bay of Plenty.

Tuahu was also once an old Maori route that was also used as a bridle in the 1890’s.

Map and Directions for Tuahu Kauri Walking Track

Tuahu Kauri Walking Track Image Gallery

This is an easy to walk track that has some great scenery and a great big Kauri tree. Take a look at the image gallery below of the large Kauri tree and how it looks along this track.

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