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Tauranga Skate Parks

Tauranga Skate Parks are available throughout the city, all in different locations. Some are better than others and have more features available. And others are quite simple and feature simply a half pipe. But if you’re looking for things to do in Tauranga, you can go along and enjoy one of these.

Memorial Park features simply a half pipe. Although further along the park near the train tracks and the swimming pool, is a concrete court. Other skaters are found to be practicing here and often grind along whats around.

17th Ave hosts numerous amounts of features and is probably the most used out of all the skate parks here in Tauranga. Unless you are looking for a half pipe.

Welcome Bay and Carlton street reserve are more so a combination of 17th Ave skate park hosting there own few features. Both whom are just enjoyable. However all these skate parks are quite a fair distance apart from one another.

If you’re a keen skater, and like to get out and about. Visit all skate parks and choose what one to regularly visit. And to find what is most suitable for you. If you cannot drive from one place to the other, there is always public transport available… or enjoy yourself a long skate around town.

Tauranga Skate Parks and their locations:


  • 17th Avenue – by the Historic Village
  • Carlton Street Reserve – Otumoetai
  • Memorial Park – Devonport Road entrance (half pipe)
  • Welcome Bay – next to the Welcome Bay shops

Map and Directions for Tauranga Skate Parks

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