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Choosing the right place to stay is an important part of any trip, whether on holiday or business. We’ll help you uncover the different types of Tauranga accommodation that will cater to all tastes and budgets providing you with a good nights sleep.

We understand in making sure the basic necessities are met and exist in what we display here. These will be sure to include a family friendly atmosphere in a great location with super clean rooms and wifi, even better would be free wifi!

Throughout the city you will find luxury 5-star lodges, hotels, motels, serviced apartments, B&Bs, private holiday homes, family oriented holiday resorts, simple camp sites and much more.

Would you love to stay near the beach or alongside the waterfront? Perhaps you are looking to camp with the family or maybe you’re on a tight budget looking for something a little on the cheaper side. Whichever you are after, Tauranga has a wide range of experiences to suit your needs as you look for a place to stay in this wonderful city.

Enjoy your stay in Tauranga.

Tauranga Accommodation

Tauranga Accommodation

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Mount Maunganui Accommodation

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Papamoa Accommodation

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If these wonderful local places to stay in Tauranga are not suitable for you, feel free to check out the rest of the listings for all types of Tauranga accommodation deals by clicking below.

Are You Freedom Camping in Tauranga?

Tauranga is an amazing destination in New Zealand if you plan on staying in a camp ground or freedom camp. If you are choosing to spend your days and nights without the above Tauranga accommodation and what is in our listings, the link below will suit you well. Throughout this city is a huge variety of commercial holiday parks and freedom camping spots.

A lot of the places available for freedom camping are located at parks and beaches. These are wonderful places to be able to park up and and stay a night or more if permitted. Of course, the duration of stay is entirely based upon certain rules and laws set out by the Tauranga City Council.

If you wish to learn more about the great freedom camping spots throughout Tauranga, be sure to visit this page below.

Or if you wish to learn more about the rules and laws surrounding freedom camping within our great city, then please visit this Tauranga City Council link to learn the correct information.

If you're looking for suitableTauranga accommodation,
you're probably also interested in the awesome local attractions.

  1. If you’re truly interested in exploring Tauranga, we have here all you need to know – Check out our Things To Do In Tauranga page.
  2. Otherwise check out a few of the main attractions here in Tauranga below.

The beautiful beaches of Tauranga

Tauranga is home to many pristine, white-sandy beaches that are a popular year-round attraction. Mount Maunganui and Papamoa are the two pillars of Tauranga when it comes to visiting the beach. If the local Tauranga accommodation is too far… local places to stay throughout Mount Maunganui are highly sought after during the year and are extremely popular during the summer months. These two locations are popular places to experience a glimpse of the Bay’s esteemed coastlines.

Ohope, Waihi Beach and Maketu Beach are a few others within the region. During the summer months, these beaches become a haven among beach-goers, especially swimmers, surfers and kite-surfers. If you are interested in a dip during the summer months, head over to one of these great beaches.

Picturesque views of Tauranga

Tauranga City is home to many scenic views that are simply picturesque. If you happen to stay in the right hotel, apartment or holiday home… you may just find your accommodation to be providing you with absolutely beautiful views.

These scenic spots below allow you to look in all different directions over the city and beyond. Among the views you will overlook the city and it’s land, the Pacific Ocean and the islands. A few of these locations offer great panoramic views.

Among the locations are a mixture of other features, such as sculptures and gardens as well as other fascinating and fun things for the kids to enjoy also.

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