Kulim Park

A Harbourside Walk

Kulim Park alongside the scenic waterfront

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Kulim Park is located in Otumoetai, Tauranga, New Zealand. This is currently one of the city’s largest parks and has recently undergone park upgrades. North-facing and being on the waters edge, Kulim park gives us all great harbour views as you look across to Matakana Island and Mauao.

Kulim Park has many features for families to enjoy. A modern children’s play area, a safe paddling area, a petanque court, a shared pathway, and coin-operated barbecues are just a few of the amenities in the park. The shared pathway is an awesome option for a great walk along the waterfront which is very scenic and stretches for miles.

The harbour bed at Kulim Park is mostly firm, and is covered with scattered rocks, cockle shells, and random rocks. There’s also grassed areas nearby, so you can easily set up your kite without any problem. To avoid losing your kite in the water, you should stay low to the ground and seek assistance from someone who is more experienced.

This park is well known for being a family favourite and has great car parking areas. Upon arriving you will find a large grassed area, a playground and BBQs making for a great place for a family day out. Picnic tables are available near BBQs and also throughout the park. Throughout the year, various water sports events are held on site.

There is also a lovely walk that is very easy going and relaxing as you stroll along the inner edge of the Tauranga Harbour. Great for morning and evening walks as well as taking the dog for a run. This walk stretches to Fergusson Park on a well-maintained footpath and sealed road.

During the summertime, it is known to get quite busy on the weekends. This is usually families who are out to enjoy the beautiful Tauranga weather and get together for a fun time. Which was originally the purpose as to why this piece of land was donated.

Kulim Park was established in 1950 when the Bureta farm was subdivided to make room for residential housing. The owners of the farm, W.I. Rushton and the brothers George and John Sickling, decided to gift one hectare as a recreational space for children.

Kulim Park Upgrades

The Tauranga City Council have updated and improved this wonderfully located park in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Notable changes to Kulim park include:

  • a 3m wide shared pedestrian/cycle path starting from Harbour Drive. This stretches along the foreshore and connects with the current shared pathway near Beach Road. This creates a link between Fergusson Park and the city centre
  • shortening the road into the park to ensure cars cannot drive over the open grass area where children play
  • Better parking layout. 46 car parks, four of these are mobility parks and two are freedom camping parks
  • There is also an overflow carpark situated by the Tauranga Yacht Club building
  • An all new, all-abilities play area that replaced the old playground 
  • a new drinking fountain that has a unique dog drinking bowl feature
  • an area of more than 700m2 of new garden areas
  • the basketball court that is currently there is removed

According to the Tauranga City Council, there will be no changes to:

  • the active ageing gym
  • the BBQs
  • the green slide
  • the toilet block
  • the seawall
  • petanque court

Kulim Park Quick Information

Location: 101 Kulim Ave, Otumoetai, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Length of walk: The park is roughly 400m in length, but the walk can stretch for many kilometers along the bayside though to Fergusson Park

Time Required: For Kulim park alone, as a walk, 10 – 20 minutes. An hour or more for the extended waterfront walk

Difficulty: Easy

Wheelchair Access: Yes

Will you get wet: No

Toilets: Yes

Dogs Allowed: Yes. Lovely waterfront walk.

Cellphone Reception: Yes

Track Quality: Nice, clean, clear walkways.

Highlights: The scenery of the Tauranga Harbour, Mauao and Matakana Island. Great for kids, picnics and barbecue

Map and Directions for Kulim Park

Kulim Park Image Gallery

Below is an image gallery that displays just how great this park is. A wonderful walk along the harbour with awesome views. An excellent place for a walk, a picnic and play area for the kids.

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