Te Puna Quarry Park

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Te Puna Quarry Park In Tauranga

Tauranga brings to you Te Puna Quarry Park. An absolutely beautiful park that has been developed by a dedicated band of volunteers from a disused quarry into a world class park.

A place of natural beauty, you will find from the top magical panoramic views overlooking the Bay of Plenty, and gardens of infinite variety as you look down upon them.

Gardens here include irises, cacti and succulents, an Australian area, a native Arboretum, a Bonsai corner, a South African area and a Palm Grove. Also to see is a butterfly garden where monarchs and admirals happily fly free.

There are ponds, tree ferns, cymbidium orchids by the thousand, native tree plantings and exotics such as vireya rhododendrons. The waterwheel is also an amazing feature.

Featured throughout the Park, are stone sculptures by local artists. Also, the African animals are popular with children, as are the “musical instruments” and the old digger used in the working quarry.

Te Puna Quarry Park is open all day, every day. However, the gates do close. The park is still open to pedestrians and cars can be parked outside the gates.

Map and Directions for Te Puna Quarry Park
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Te Puna Quarry Park Image Gallery

Click your way through this gallery below of all the cool things at this transformed quarry. Gardens, sculptures and more. A fantastic place to spend some time exploring.

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