Te Puna Quarry Park

A World Class Park of Walking Tracks, Specialised Plant Groups & More

Te Puna Quarry Park In Tauranga

Located off SHW 2, or state highway 2 in Tauranga, is an old disused quarry now known as Te Puna Quarry Park. 

This is an enchanting haven of plants, pathways, intriguing art, and more. The park was transformed from an old quarry into a natural landscape. Volunteers have been planting the area to create a luscious oasis, with plenty of native tree plantings. The 32-hectare site boasts panoramic views of the Bay of Plenty and a unique digger. A waterwheel adorns the central garden area as well as a mystical butterfly garden

 Enjoy the outdoor art and the park made possible by the fantastic band of volunteers.

The Quarry Park is home to many man sized stone sculptures and beautiful gardens. There also exists an South African area, including African animals. Children will enjoy the musical instruments and African animal sculptures. Visitors can also view a once working digger, which was used in the quarry’s early days.

The park is closed to cars and pedestrians during the night but is open to the public throughout the day. The grounds are ideal for picnics and family outings. There are many wonderful spots to enjoy a magical day.

In addition to the natural beauty, the quarry park has a number of activities for families to enjoy. Plenty of outdoor art and in many ways, is an artistic feast.

The park’s scenic views are stunning. There are plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained. The area is free to enter, and children will love climbing the boulders and swinging on the swings.  Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather, and bring plenty of sunscreen and water.

The Quarry Park began development by volunteers in 1996 and has since become a beautifully unique place in Tauranga. It features several ponds and tree ferns, native plant plantings, and a beautiful waterfall. Visiting the Quarry Park during spring or autumn is an amazing experience. And with the warm weather, you can take a stroll on the surrounding trails or picnic under the shade of the trees.

If you’re in the area during the winter, the park is also open. Free admission always.

Volunteers have dedicated countless hours to building this park. The park officially opened on March 18, year 2000 by the Governor-General of the day. Its volunteer-run nature society published its first newsletter and organized its first work day. The society’s vision for the park is as inspiring as the local art and architecture. The community is committed to preserving and protecting this site and its surrounding areas. However, if you’re not a gardener, the park may not be right for you.

Scenic View from Te Puna Quarry Park

If you’re not a nature lover, you can still enjoy the quarry park while enjoying the beautiful surroundings and the many sounds. There are a variety of sounds in the area, from the crunch of pathways to the warbling of native birds. Another notable feature of the park is the bell that is a chime that is rung to signal the procession of fairies.

The park is wheelchair accessible, and has many other attractions for visitors. There is also an old digger from a quarry that is open to the public.

The park’s many special features make it a must-see attraction. The natural beauty is unmatched, with thousands of native and other fascinating plants. There are also ponds, native trees, ferns, and exotic species of plants. If you’re travelling with kids, take along some snacks and water. You’ll want to pack a picnic lunch, as it’s a long day at the quarry park.

Unlike other parks, Te Puna Quarry Park is free to enter. As with other outdoor activities, it’s a good idea to wear sturdy shoes and bring sunscreen and a hat. When visiting the quarry, remember to take along your children. They’ll love the natural playground and the beautiful sandstone walls.

Map and Directions for Te Puna Quarry Park

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Click your way through this gallery below of all the cool things at this transformed quarry. Gardens, sculptures and more. A fantastic place to spend some time exploring.

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