Papamoa Reserve Walkways

Central Walkway

Papamoa Reserve Walkways

The Papamoa Reserve Walkways are a popular set of walk and cycle paths located within and throughout Papamoa. These paths wind through and alongside Te Ara o Wairakei (The Path of Wairakei).

The idea behind the upgrading of the landscape is to improve the ecological life throughout the reserve. As once upon a time, Papamoa once had life flourishing within its unique coastal wetland environment.

Papamoa Reserve Walkways

Te Ara o Wairakei - The Path of Wairakei

There are many things to look forward to when looking to explore the Papamoa Reserve Walkways or otherwise known as Te Ara o Wairākei. The walkways through the Papamoa/Wairakei Reserve can be a rewarding and educational experience for both families and nature enthusiasts.

This public reserve was once known as the Papamoa Main Drain, but has since been renamed Te Ara o Wairakei to honour its cultural heritage and ecological past. This natural area is a meandering network of wetlands and ponds that are remnants of coastal wetlands.

While the majority is council-owned, the Wairākei Stream corridor is located within the suburb of Pāpāmoa. This corridor extends for roughly 14km before reversing back into Te Tumu, nearing Te Puke. 

The stream relies on in-stream storage and soakage for the management of stormwater and mitigation of flooding within the existing Pāpāmoa area, the urban growth area in Wairākei (under development) and also the future development area of Te Tumu. Locted, on the other side of the Kaituna River.

For those who love to walk, there are numerous walking and cycling trails that follow the rainwater reserves of the Papamoa and Wairakei Reserves. Walkways are an excellent recreational resource and are an accessible way to explore the area. A bike path will take you along the waterway, while other pathways in the Wairakei Reserve will lead you to a different areas.

Or if you’re up for more of a challenge, hit the nearby Papamoa Hills Regional Park.

Tauranga City Council has invested in a cycle and walking network through the Papamoa and Wairakei reserves, and is working to improve the reserve’s ecological health. Previously known as Papamoa Main Drain, the reserve has transformed its landscape, creating walking and cycling trails. These pathways will improve stormwater management and provide recreation opportunities for locals.

Nearby, there are local attractions such as the Papamoa Hills Regional Park. These hills were once associated with the history of the coastal wetlands of Papamoa.

There are plenty of places along this stretch of reserve that makes it easy to find a car park.

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Below is an image gallery of Papamoa Reserve walking track within the sunny Bay of Plenty. A pleasant place for a walk or morning stroll.

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