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Aongatete Walking Tracks & Swimming Hole

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The Aongatete Walking Tracks offer beautiful bush walks that lead you through the Puriri and Kohekohe Forest. Whilst on your bush walk, you will also find yourself walking alongside and through the Aongatete River.

The opening of the track begins at the car park. The track follows a well-marked path through the native bush leading you first to a junction. After about an hour of walking, you will emerge at the swimming hole, if you chose to take this path at the previous junction.

The longer walks include moderately steep sections and cross several streams, so care is advised.

Aongatete Walking Trails is the perfect destination for those who enjoy nature and outdoor pursuits.

About The Aongatete Bush Walk Tracks

There are two main walking tracks at Aongatete: a short loop track and a long loop track.

The Aongatete Long Loop Track is north-south and has an eastern leg and a western leg. The eastern leg is a gentle gradient and looks like a tramline track. The western leg is rocky and has several stream crossings.

The longest and most scenic of the two, the Aongatete Long Loop Track is marked at 3 hours 30 minutes. The Aongatete Short Loop Track share its northern sections, each about one hour and 10 minutes long.

The Aongatete Long Loop Track starts beside the lodge and goes up the eastern leg. The eastern leg is gentle with no gradient. The western leg is steeper and has 3 stream crossings. The entire trail is about three hours long and takes between 15 to 3.5 hours to complete.

The short loop track is about half as long and shares the northern section of the Aongatete Long Loop Track. The shorter track has a connecting track between the two long loop tracks. It takes about an hour and a half to walk one way.

Aongatete River or Aongatete Stream is accessed from the short loop track at the western end of the long loop. The western leg of the track crosses the eastern leg. Here you will find some attractive swimming holes in this area.

The long loop is a north-south orientation and has two separate tracks. It is marked as a three-hour thirty minute walk. The short loop tracks share the same northern portion as the Aongatete Long Loop Track. They have a connecting track between the two legs.

The walk is a part of the Kaimai Mamaku Conservation Park. The Aongatete Forest nature walk has great forest tracks and is rather easy to trek. This is certainly an awesome short nature walk to experience.

Wildlife Throughout The Aongatete Bush Walks

Aongatete is home to some of New Zealand’s rarest native wildlife. The kaka are a common sight in the area, but efforts to attract them to breed here have been unsuccessful. Other animals you might see are the North Island Robin and the Whitehead. Long-tailed bats are considered At Risk – Declining. Another species of bird found in the area are the Tomtit, a striking black and white bird. Several other birds can be spotted in the forest.

Aongatete Nature Trail

Time: 15 min return
Distance: 640 m 

Of all the Aongatete walking tracks, this loop trail is relatively short. Walking along this track will guide you through a lowland forest area. Very pleasant and peaceful.


Aongatete Short Loop Walk

Time: 1 hr return
Distance: 2.2 km 

Follow the well-marked Loop Track until you find yourself at a junction. The Long Loop track continues straight ahead. A turn left will guide you down a more gentle, well-graded walk through the peaceful bushland. You will emerge near the car park after about an hour’s walk. Cross over the stile and make your way down the paddock to the car park.


Aongatete Long Loop Walk

Time: 3 hr 30 m loop
Distance: 6.4 km 

People will find this track a little more difficult. It includes short but moderately steep sections and the need to cross streams.

Follow the Loop Tracks path where you will come to a junction with the Short Loop, and continue straight ahead. Following the path through the bush, you will come to cross a small stream and begin following beside another. The path then rounds a corner and begins to head back towards the road. Continue through the bush until you meet another junction with the Short Loop Track. Take the path to the right, which guides you from the forest to the top of a paddock. Cross the stile and walk down to the car park.


Aongatete Link Track to swimming holes

Time: 30 min one way
Distance: 475 m 

The Aongatete River and swimming hole may be accessed from this track. This track begins from the western side of the lodge and may be slippery in damp/wet conditions. A left branch off this track, about 15 minutes down, leads to some wonderfully attractive swimming holes and is well worth exploring.


An alternative route to the North South Track (tramping track)

The Aongatete Link Track reaches a junction with the North South Track. This is about an hour’s walk or so from the lodge. From here, longer walks to Thompsons Track or Wairere Falls are possible.


Getting There

The Aongatete tracks begin at the carpark at the end of Wright Road, off SH 2 between Tauranga and Katikati, The carpark is situated near the Aongatete Outdoor Education Lodge. Park in the car park before the gate to the lodge and walk up the road to the lodge.

Quick Information About Aongatete Bush Walks

Location: End of Wright Rd, Aongatete. 36km out from Tauranga, roughly 35 minute drive. Map below. In the North Island of New Zealand in the Bay of Plenty region.

Length of walk: As stated above, below each walk.

Time Required: Depends on which walk you wish to explore. Times are stated above under each walking track.

Difficulty: Medium to Hard (As you continue on the very long walks)

Wheelchair Access: No

Will you get wet: Yes, if crossing the river (Unless you can jump from rock to rock)

Toilets: No

Dogs Allowed: No

Cellphones: No

Track Quality: Is pretty good, expect the usual type of bush track.


Three maps of Aongatete Walking Tracks

General Image Map

Satellite Image Map

Topographic Image Map

The images of the maps were from the Doc website map viewer.

Map and Directions for Aongatete Walking Tracks

Aongatete Walking Tracks & Swimming Hole
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Take a look at the Image Gallery below of Aongatete forest walking tracks and swimming hole. Aongatete is such a wonderful place to visit and get away from the city life by enjoying a nice bush walk. Or a dip in the swimming hole. A wonderful place to visit in Tauranga, New Zealand.

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