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Times have changed. Advertising locally has too.

Are you looking to advertise in Tauranga?

It’s important to recognize all aspects of digital marketing that allow for your business to not only have a powerful start, but to continually grow and expand.

Explore Tauranga is able to effectively deliver on an aspect of digital marketing for your business. We have defined our self as an authority locally while continuing to quickly grow.

Our standout offer is for us to readily enhance your online presence locally, right here in Tauranga.

Advertise In Tauranga
Advertise within Tauranga

Our Four Available Packages

Explore Tauranga Basic Listing Features

Our listings provide a powerfully unique combination of features while placing you at the fingertips of those who are local.

When additionally combined with a Featured Listing, Dedicated Page or Private Listing… Your business will reap the added benefits and features of a strong, unparalleled local offer.


Logo & Business Name

Create and build brand recognition online by adding your business name and logo.

Your Business Location

The first thing people look for are directions. Let people know your place of business.

Business Description

Broadcast your business with a well-written description of who you are and what you do – this is a snapshot of what you offer.

Contact Details

Share your contact details and operating hours so customers can find you when you’re available.

An Example of our Basic Listing

Click on the image above of our Example Listing to view a bigger form where you can also zoom in.

Reviews & Ratings

Encourage your customers to share their thoughts because word-of-mouth is big in decision making.

Rich Content

Improve conversions and bring your business to life by adding images. This content appeals to customers and search engines.

Join The Directory

Become a part of a unique local directory within Tauranga.

Social Platforms

Build your social following by adding links to your profile. These will help improve your rankings and show customers where else to find you.

Featured Listings & Top 5's

A Featured Listing gives you a Basic Listing while also having your business listing displayed front and centre on an additional, relevant page.

This guarantees you increased engagement and brand recognition before others.

Same goes for Top 5 Pages.

Our Pages Available for Featured Listings

Does your business belong in one of these categories? Take advantage of our offer before your competitors do!

These are pages that are either currently ranking on page 1 of Google, or soon will be. Each of these pages offer unique targeted visitors. Could your business benefit from being displayed in front of these people?

Each page is limited as to how many spots there are. Enquire now to discuss what is available.

  • Shopping In Tauranga
  • Room & Venue Hire
  • Accommodation In Tauranga
  • Tauranga General
  • Mount Maunganui General
  • Papamoa General
  • Tauranga Food
  • Tauranga Catering
  • Things To Do In Tauranga
Join in like the others. Advertise in Tauranga, leap frog the competition and securely place your business within the hands of locals.
If there’s a category or niche you naturally wish to conquer, produce brand awareness and rank high in, we have available what would produce these results for you.

Move beyond the range of your competitors and increase your brand awareness.

Our Dedicated Business Pages

Our dedicated business page is made specifically for your business. With this you are essentially riding our success as an authority locally on search engines such as Google. What does this mean?

Because we already are a success within Google, when we create a new page for your business, it will have a far superior chance on ranking on page 1 before others.

What else does a dedicated business page create and do for you?

Increase Authority

Every website has some level of authority. Co-existing with or linking to and from others is a sure fire way to grow your own website authority.


Have an entirely customized dedicated page to showcase your business. The page can be personalized well beyond a listing. This is a powerful way to create a presence within Google, or search engines.

Shared Continual Growth

As Explore Tauranga grows its base and expands fruitfully, so too will you. This will be reflected upon by brand exposure and user engagement.

Improved Outreach

The stage we provide for you is primarily local. Through the many ways we display your business, your outreach will greatly benefit when you advertise in Tauranga with us.

Rank On Google

* Harness the ability to potentially rank within Google on Page 1! Outrank and out-compete your competitors.

Build Trust & Brand Reputation

Earning trust and building your brand is an important aspect of growing a business. Associating with a successful business with a solid market increases your efforts.

Multiple Locations

Gaining multiple locations around the web will increase your overall efforts. Advertise in Tauranga the right way today.

Social Awareness & Growth

On both the listing and personalized custom page, your social media will be added with the possibility of gaining a larger following with our audience.

* To truly harness the power of Google, you first have to exist on page 1. To accomplish this, a dedicated effort would have to be put in place. This effort can have massive rewards but does come at an additional cost. 

Our Private Page Listings

Be the one business who stands out from the rest.

Our highly ranked pages are viewed by many locals every month. This ad space is as targeted & local as you could get.

What makes our Private Page Listings So Valuable?

  • Only ONE to TWO businesses per page (Must be relevant but not in competition with each other)
  • Our pages are uniquely targeted
  • Our pages have a constant flow of valuable visitors
  • Explore Tauranga continues to grow, and so too will your outreach

Our Currently Available Pages for Our Private Listings

Only 12 Pages Are Currently Available – One to Two businesses per page only, first in, first served.

  • Fishing In Tauranga
  • McLaren Falls
  • Freedom Camping
  • Tauranga Schools
  • Tauranga Walks
  • Tauranga Suburbs
  • Playgrounds In Tauranga
  • Swimming In Tauranga
  • Tauranga Population

Our Packages

No Contracts. No Hidden Fees. Cancel Anytime.

All packages include a Basic Listing.

Basic Listing

Our Most Popular Offer!
$ 4 Monthly
  • Limited To 230 Listings
  • Powerful Features
  • Exist Within A Local Directory
  • Only $1 Per Week!

Featured Listing & Top 5's

Great Local Opportunity!
$ 9 Monthly
  • Only 110 Featured Listings
  • Only pay $4 Until On Page 1
  • Your Listing Is Displayed On A Related Page
  • Your Listing Is Mixed Into Existing Content

Private Page Listing

Very Limited - One Business Per Page!
$ 49 Monthly
  • Contextual Or Related Pages
  • Valuable Visitors On Each Page
  • One Business Per Page Only
  • Pages Are Limited

Dedicated Business Page

Limited to 50 Only!
$ 89 Monthly
  • Limited to 50 only
  • Potential To Rank 1st Page On Google
  • Increased Web Presence
  • Increase Brand Awareness

Our Website Growth Trends

These images show where we are today in regards to traffic and keyword positions as of July 2022.

Traffic stats for Explore Tauranga
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