Omanawa Falls

Beautifully Unique

Omanawa Falls

What was once easily accessible, the track to Omanawa Falls is now closed. This is due to safety reasons according to the Tauranga City Council. However, the council is seeking funding to improve and develop this park over the coming years.

Omanawa Falls features an absolutely stunning 35m high waterfall, which plenty of visitors tend to call one of New Zealand’s most beautiful. At the base of this fall is a gorgeous swimming hole. All surrounded by lush green bush land.

Before continuing on the now closed path to the waterfall, is a viewing platform about 15mins in where you can view the waterfall and swimming hole.

Please be mindful that this track is closed for a reason. There have been accidents including an unfortunate death. If you choose to disregard the warnings, it is all at your own risk.

Map and Directions for Omanawa Falls
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