Gordon Carmichael Reserve

Wetland Wonderland

Gordon Carmichael Reserve Walkway

Gordon Carmichael Reserve Walkway is a 60-hectare stormwater reserve that is situated between suburbs Brookfield and Bethlehem. This reserve is regarded as a fantastic wetland with many areas of native plants, wonderful bird and wild life. The roughly 2km of walkway guides you through this wonderful reserve.

As stated on the Tauranga City Council website, an outdoor classroom has been built back in 2009 which is used by schools for the Learning Through Discovery programme.

Gordon Carmichael Reserve is not just a walkway, but also a great cycleway. This reserve is dog friendly if you fancy walking or running the dog here.

Access to this reserve can be made from different locations due to the area this wetland covers. Down the page you will spot a map for Gordon Carmichael Reserve. One main access point is from a small carpark located on Carmichael Road. Near this carpark are toilets, a kids playground and an outdoor classroom. Access to this carpark during the night is closed.

Gordon Carmichael Reserve Quick Information

Location: Car park is on Carmichael Road

Length of walk: Roughly 2 km’s in walkway and cycle way.

Time Required: 1.5 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Wheelchair Access: Yes

Will you get wet: No

Toilets: Yes, at the car park

Dogs Allowed: Yes, a great place to take your dog. Leash Only.

Cellphone Reception: Yes

Track Quality: Nice, clean, clear track


Map and Directions for Gordon Carmichael Reserve Walkway

Gordon Carmichael Reserve Walkway Image Gallery

Below is an image gallery of the walkways through Gordon Carmichael Reserve. This reserve winds through wetland offering many opportunities to spot wildlife and more. A wonderful place for a walk with the kids as well as the family dog.

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