Where to Cycle in Tauranga

Cycling Tracks

Cycling Tracks throughout Tauranga

The  Tauranga City Council is currently moving towards completing their Tauranga Cycle Plan to help get more people on bikes. The council are continually speaking with the local community about how to get more people riding their bikes around our beautiful city.

There has been a growth in the cycle network with the council building an urban network of 10 main commuter routes for anyone who wishes to travel by bike. These routes come to a total  of 150km, plus a wider network of recreational connections and routes to enjoy. There is a link below showing these networks as well as some specific locations that are a wonderful place to go cycling.

Kopurererua Valley

Johnson Reserve

Waikareao Estuary

McLaren Falls

Here is a link to the Tauranga City Council website showing their map of local cycle routes.