Where to Cycle in Tauranga

Cycling Tracks throughout Tauranga

Cycling Tracks throughout Tauranga & Bay of Plenty Region

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If you are looking for a great place to cycle, then you have come to the right place. Tauranga has many beautiful parks, coastal trails and other recreational facilities that make cycling a great option for getting around the city. As does the Bay of Plenty region as a whole.

Explore Tauranga by bike, ride along the Omokoroa Coastal Trail or cycle through the Kopurererua Valley. There is something for every level of cyclist, and cycling in Tauranga is a great way to get outdoors!

The Tauranga City Council is currently moving towards completing their Tauranga Cycle Plan to help get more people on bikes. The council are continually speaking with the local community about how to get more people riding their bikes around our beautiful city. The more people who choose to cycle in Tauranga, the better!

There has been a growth in the cycle network with the council building an urban network of 10 main commuter routes for anyone who wishes to travel by bike. These routes come to a total of 150km, plus a wider network of recreational connections and routes to enjoy. There is a link below showing these networks as well as some specific locations that are a wonderful place to go cycling.

Ride along the new Omokoroa Coastal Trail

If you’re looking for a great place to cycle in Tauranga, there are several great options. There are many different sized city trails, all differing in length. The Omokoroa Coastal Trail itself, consists of around 24 kilometres.

The Omokoroa Coastal Trail is a beautiful cycle trail in Tauranga. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a complete novice, you’ll love the views and scenic views of the Omokoroa Bay.

To experience the Omokoroa Cycleway, follow the Wairoa Bridge over the Wairoa River. Then take the bike clip on path along the Wairoa Bridge, where you’ll find toilets and a coffee cart. The next section of the Omokoroa Coastal Trail is a 1.5km cycle path along Te Puna Station Rd. After you finish your ride, make sure to take in the magnificent harbor views from the cliffs at the end of your ride.

Ride through the Kopurererua Valley Reserve

Have you considered riding through the Kopurererua Valley? The 364 hectare park is located between residential suburbs of Cambridge Heights, Gate Pa, and Judea. With plenty of scenic vantage points, cycling through the reserve is both relaxing and enjoyable. You could even go for a swim!

The Kopurererua Valley includes a series of cycle tracks and combined walkways. The Kopurererua Stream runs through the valley, so it’s possible to cycle across it. Once you’re done, you’ll reach a bridge over the stream. The next section of the track crosses Takitimu Drive and SH29. Once you’ve reached the other side of the stream, you’ll be greeted with a boardwalk over the Kopurererua Valley.

Places to Explore Tauranga by bike

Check out below some awesome locations to spend some time biking throughout Tauranga.

More info about Tracks and Trails for the best opportunities to cycle in Tauranga

Here is a link to the Tauranga City Council website showing their map of local cycle routes. Enjoy your time spent going for a cycle in Tauranga.