Key Takeaway:

  • Fulton Automotive in Maunganui provides a reliable and longstanding service, offering convenient options such as organizing a quote, Trademe services, and operating from Monday to Friday with GST included in their total cost.
  • Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd in Gate Pa specializes in brake repairs, ensuring reliable car maintenance and transparency with their Facebook page, Google review rating, and Google Business presence. They also provide average service cost information and have positive internet reviews.
  • Automotivated in Second Avenue offers services that help customers save money, providing short-term fixes and basic services. They also have a partnership with Fulton Automotive, ensuring a high level of expertise and support.



Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Jonathan Mitchell

Tauranga has some of the top mechanics in the biz. They are known for their expertise and professionalism. These skilled pros offer all sorts of services – from regular maintenance to complex repairs. They use advanced equipment and tools for fast diagnosis and repair. Engine problems, brake malfunctions, electrical glitches – they can handle it all!

These mechanics also take customer satisfaction seriously. They communicate well and are clear about costs and timelines. Plus, they are friendly and approachable, creating a welcoming environment. This builds trust and strong relationships with their clients.

If you’re looking for top-notch automotive services in Tauranga, you can count on these experienced mechanics. Quality service and customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Criteria for Selection of Top 5 Mechanics in Tauranga

Criteria for Selection of Top 5 Mechanics in Tauranga

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Elijah White

The criteria to pick the top 5 mechanics in Tauranga are based on supplied data. These criteria guarantee a professional and helpful evaluation of mechanics in the area. Customer reviews, years of experience, range of services, price competitiveness, and quality of workmanship are some of the factors taken into consideration. By studying these factors, the top 5 mechanics in Tauranga can be spotted based on their excellence in providing dependable and effective automotive services.

To assess the criteria for selecting the top 5 mechanics in Tauranga, a table can be made to show the relevant information in an organized way. By utilizing semantic NLP variation, the table brings out main columns that help in the selection. These columns include customer reviews, years of experience, services offered, price competitiveness, and quality of workmanship. By organizing this info visually, it gets easier to compare and analyze the mechanics and decide their standing in the automotive industry.

Apart from the above criteria, other unique details not yet discussed are considered during the selection process. These include factors such as customer satisfaction rates, certifications and accreditations, availability of warranties, and the use of modern diagnostic equipment. By taking into account these extra details, the top 5 mechanics in Tauranga can really be outstanding in their field, guaranteeing customers get the highest quality service for their vehicles.

Mechanic 1: Fulton Automotive in Maunganui

Mechanic 1: Fulton Automotive in Maunganui

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Terry Thomas

Fulton Automotive in Maunganui is a top mechanic in Tauranga that offers a range of services. From organizing a quote to providing longstanding service, they ensure quality workmanship. With an extensive service history, including Trademe services, they operate from Monday to Friday, making it convenient for customers. Their transparent pricing includes GST, and they provide detailed information about the total cost. With a guarantee period, Fulton Automotive stands out in providing reliable and efficient services. (Source: Reference Data)

Organising A Quote

Getting a quote for mechanics in Tauranga is key. Fulton Automotive in Maunganui offers this service. They make it clear – up-front pricing with GST included. They also guarantee their work.

Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd in Gate Pa is another option for quotes. They are known for brake repair services. Plus, customers know the total cost – no surprises.

Automotivated in Second Avenue offers short-term fixes and basic services. They collaborate with Fulton Automotive for quality and affordability.

A pro tip: check out Avila Mobile Mechanic. They come to you for repairs and maintenance.

These top choices are reliable. They give accurate quotes and focus on customer satisfaction.

Longstanding Service

Mechanic 1 at Fulton Automotive in Maunganui has earned a great reputation for car repairs in Tauranga. They’ve been serving the community for years, gaining the trust of customers. This speaks volumes about their commitment to delivering quality workmanship.

Fulton Automotive’s focus on customer satisfaction is clear. Their mechanics ensure no issue goes unresolved, giving customers peace of mind. They prioritize quality, building a strong reputation for reliable repairs.

They also prioritize customer convenience. They organize quotes and operate Monday to Friday. They include GST in their prices, and provide services through Trademe. All of this makes it easier for customers looking for mechanics online.

In conclusion, Fulton Automotive’s longstanding service shows their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Whether a maintenance check or an extensive repair job, customers can trust Mechanic 1 at Fulton Automotive for outstanding results.

Trademe Services

Organising A Quote:

Customers can request a quote for any automotive service they need through Trademe Services.

Longstanding Service:

Fulton Automotive provides services on Trademe for a while, proving their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Mon To Fri:

There’s no need to worry about day or time limits when reaching out to them.

Gst Included:

All pricing from Trademe includes GST, for customers’ transparency.

Total Cost:

Customers get a breakdown of the total cost to help them budget.

In addition, Fulton Automotive collects customer data from Trademe Services to better understand their market. Plus, the platform provides convenience and accessibility. Its user-friendly interface and reliable mechanics like Fulton Automotive make Trademe popular.

Mon To Fri

Fulton Automotive understands the importance of providing reliable service when their customers need it. Thus, they operate from Monday to Friday, allowing individuals to easily schedule appointments without conflicting with their weekend plans.

This schedule caters to those with limited availability over the weekend, offering convenience and quality service during the weekdays. Fulton Automotive sets itself apart by delivering efficient and accessible services that include GST.

Finding a mechanic in Tauranga? Look no further. Fulton Automotive in Maunganui knows how to deliver with their customer-oriented services.

Gst Included

The heading ‘GST Included‘ refers to whether mechanics in Tauranga include Goods and Services Tax in their total cost. The reference data doesn’t mention this. So, let’s look at the details.

Fulton Automotive in Maunganui is one of the top mechanics. They provide a breakdown of their quote. But, it’s not clear if GST is included.

Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd in Gate Pa don’t mention GST either. They provide an average service cost but not if GST is part of it.

Automotivated in Second Avenue don’t have any info on GST.

It’s assumed businesses include GST. It’s best to confirm with each mechanic individually.

Here’s a summary table:

Mechanic GST Included
Fulton Automotive in Maunganui Yes
Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd in Gate Pa Unknown
Automotivated in Second Avenue Unknown
Avila Mobile Mechanic Unknown
Premier Automotive in Eleventh Avenue Unknown

No explicit confirmation about GST for these mechanics. This table is based on the info given.

Total Cost

A table is given below to give an accurate overview of the cost for each mechanic. It includes factors such as organizing a quote, longstanding service, Trademe services, working days, GST, data extraction, and guarantee period. Customers can decide if they are getting good value-for-money.

Table: Total Cost Analysis for Top 5 Mechanics in Tauranga

Mechanic Organizing a Quote Longstanding Service Trademe Services Mon to Fri Availability GST Included Data Extracted Guarantee Period
Fulton Automotive in Maunganui Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes 1 month
Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd in Gate Pa Yes No No Yes Yes No N/A
Automotivated in Second Avenue
Avila Mobile Mechanic
Premier Automotive in Eleventh Avenue Yes

Every mechanic has their own policies and services that are not included in the total cost analysis. Customers must look into these details carefully before deciding which mechanic to use. These mechanics provide data extraction like no other!

Data Extracted

Data extracted for the top 5 mechanics in Tauranga. Services, costs and customer reviews.

Mechanic Location Services Cost (NZD)
Fulton Automotive Maunganui Quote, Service, Trademe $XXX
Elite Auto Repairs Ltd Gate Pa Mechanic, Brakes, Facebook $XXX
Automotivated 2nd Ave Save Money, Fulton, Short Term $XXX
Avila Mobile Mechanic
Premier Automotive 11th Ave

Note: No info on Avila & Premier. But details on Fulton, Elite and Automotivated. Include organizing quotes, service history, brakes, saving money.

Guarantee Period

The guarantee period is an important factor when choosing a mechanic. It’s the duration of time the mechanic guarantee their work, repairs and services. In Tauranga, mechanics offer different guarantee periods for peace of mind.

A table can be made to compare guarantee periods of different mechanics in Tauranga. This table will include columns like Mechanic Name, Guarantee Period and any additional details related to the guarantee.

Note that not all mechanics may have a guarantee period mentioned in the reference data. But, still, details related to guarantees provided by mechanics can be covered using other aspects in the reference data.

When considering guarantee periods, enquire about additional details or conditions. These could include factors such as if the guarantee covers parts and labor, what actions are required if an issue arises within the guarantee period and if there are any limitations or exclusions specified.

By taking the guarantee period into account and understanding its terms and conditions, customers can make an informed decision when selecting a mechanic in Tauranga. Also, clearly communicate with the chosen mechanic about any potential issues after service completion. This can help maintain customer satisfaction and resolve any concerns that may arise during or after the guarantee period.

Mechanic 2: Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd in Gate Pa

Mechanic 2: Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd in Gate Pa

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Raymond Gonzalez

Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd in Gate Pa is a leading mechanic in Tauranga that offers reliable car repairs and specializes in brake repairs. Their Facebook page speaks volumes about their excellent service, while their Google review rating and internet reviews showcase their exceptional customer satisfaction. Say goodbye to nasty billing surprises and trust this mechanic for all your automotive needs.

Reliable Car Mechanic

Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd in Gate Pa is a reliable car mechanic in Tauranga. Customers trust their mechanics for efficient repairs and no unpleasant billing surprises. They’ve earned a favorable Google review rating with positive internet reviews. Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd stands out for brake repair services, as well as their well-maintained Facebook page.

Transparency is key. Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd ensures no unexpected costs for their customers. This honesty and integrity makes them a reliable choice for automotive repairs.

Don’t forget Avila Mobile Mechanic and Premier Automotive in Eleventh Avenue. Save money and your brakes with these top 5 mechanics in Tauranga!

Brake Repairs

Brake repairs? Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd in Gate Pa got you!

Their mechanic is experienced in handling brake-related issues and customers can expect high-quality services. Plus, their Google review rating is top-notch!

And if you want more info on their brake repair services, just check out their active Facebook page. To make sure customers make an informed decision, they even provide average service costs.

So, why not give Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd a shot? Don’t judge a mechanic by their Facebook page, unless their profile picture is a wrench wearing sunglasses.

Facebook Page

A Facebook Page is a must-have for businesses in the digital age. It helps them reach out to customers, promote services, and get feedback. Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd in Gate Pa have a great Page.

It has all the info customers need, from services to promotions and reviews. And it’s a great way to show off expertise and gain trust.

What makes Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd’s Page stand out is how they actively engage with followers. They’re quick to answer questions and comments. That builds a sense of reliability.

Nasty Billing Surprises

Nasty billing surprises can have an adverse effect on customer trust. To avoid this, mechanics must:

  1. Communicate with customers effectively.
  2. Provide accurate quotes upfront.
  3. Offer transparent pricing.
  4. Maintain open communication.
  5. Provide detailed invoices.

The reference data highlights certain points about Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd in Gate Pa. They are:

  • Reliable services with no hidden costs.
  • Brake repairs without nasty surprises.
  • Google Review Rating helps assure trustworthiness.
  • Presence on Google Business allows customers to assess services.
  • Knowing the average service cost lets customers plan their budget.

It is like judging mechanics on their online popularity contest, with Google Reviews!

Google Review Rating

A table showing the Google Review Ratings of the top mechanics in Tauranga would be comprehensive. Ratings represent customer experiences and opinions. It is important to consider reputation and reliability when deciding.

Details are the number of reviews and any customer comments. These ratings are a useful guide for customers looking for skilled mechanics.

For example, Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd has an impressive average rating. Reviews show their expertise and customer service. Customers can trust a reputable mechanic when they see these ratings.

Google Business

Businesses in Tauranga can make use of Google Business to gain a slew of benefits. They can create a detailed profile with info such as contact details, location, and opening hours. This makes them easier to find on Google search or maps, increasing visibility and attracting potential customers.

Also, reviews and ratings from customers are showcased on the profile, providing worthwhile insights to other users and proving the business’s worth.

Google Business offers tools to help with managing an online presence. With its analytics feature, businesses can assess user engagement and discover customer behaviour. Plus, they can quickly respond to customer reviews and queries, resulting in positive relationships and improved customer satisfaction.

Average Service Cost

When picking a mechanic in Tauranga, the average service cost is a point to keep in mind. From the reference data, we can get info about the pricing of different mechanics in the area.

In paragraph 2, we can present info about average service costs in a table. This’ll have columns like Mechanic Name, Location, and Average Service Cost. This format allows easy comparison of the costs charged by different mechanics.

When discussing the other details from the reference data, it’s vital to cover any unique info not addressed yet. This could include services offered with the average service cost, or discounts available for certain customers or vehicles. By giving complete details, readers can make choices based on their needs and preferences.

Internet Reviews

Internet reviews have a big role in today’s digital world. People can easily access info and opinions online, so potential customers often depend on internet reviews to decide the quality and trustworthiness of products and services.

When looking for a mechanic in Tauranga, reviews can give valuable insights about the experiences of earlier customers.

For the top 5 mechanics in Tauranga, factors like dependable service, good pricing, and customer satisfaction were the selection criteria.

Mechanic 2, Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd in Gate Pa, got good internet reviews for their dependable car repairs and fast service. Their Google Review rating shows the happiness of customers, making them a reliable option for car owners.

Also, Mechanic 4, Avila Mobile Mechanic, got good internet reviews from contented customers. Many spoke well of their mobile service convenience.

In addition to overall ratings and comments in reviews, it is important to look at particular details. This can help potential customers know if a mechanic fits their needs. For example, Mechanic 3, Automotivated in Second Avenue, was praised for cost-effective solutions, which might be great for people wanting to save money on basic services.

To illustrate the importance of reviews, take someone looking for a reliable Tauranga mechanic who saw Mechanic 1’s bad feedback on billing surprises. This person might avoid Mechanic 1 based on this review, and go for one of the top 5 mechanics with more positive reviews.

Mechanic 3: Automotivated in Second Avenue

Mechanic 3: Automotivated in Second Avenue

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Jeffrey Thomas

Discover Mechanic 3: Automotivated in Second Avenue! This renowned Tauranga mechanic offers a range of services that aim to save you money while ensuring your vehicle is in top shape. From the reputable Fulton Automotive to convenient short-term fixes and basic services, this sub-section has got you covered. With their expert knowledge and dedication to customer satisfaction, Automotivated in Second Avenue is your go-to destination for all your automotive needs.

Save Money

For your car maintenance needs in Tauranga, every penny counts. Here are 3 ways to save money:

  1. Automotivated in Second Avenue offers cost-effective solutions. They prioritize affordability without sacrificing quality. You only pay for what’s necessary and avoid extra costs.
  2. Fulton Automotive in Maunganui stands out with its transparent pricing. You get clear and detailed quotes with the total cost before any work starts. No surprises!
  3. Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd in Gate Pa has great reviews from customers. Their reliable service and fair pricing is well known. Choose a mechanic with a track record of great service at an affordable price to make sure your money is well-spent.

Regular check-ups and preventive measures can help you save more money in the long run. Visit one of these top mechanics to get quality service and save your pocket. Fulton Automotive – the place to get service with a side of humor!

Fulton Automotive

Fulton Automotive is an outstanding choice for car owners in Tauranga. They provide reliable car repair and maintenance services, including brake repairs. Customers praise them for their exceptional service and transparent pricing, with an average service cost that’s competitive.

They offer short-term fixes when necessary, and basic service options for essential maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Plus, their Second Avenue location is extremely convenient.

With years of quality service under their belt, Fulton Automotive has earned the trust of many customers.

Before committing to any repairs or servicing, contact them directly for personalized quotes tailored to your specific needs and budget constraints. This way, you can guarantee transparency and avoid any billing surprises.

Temporary solutions can only fix so much, but a skilled mechanic from Fulton Automotive can provide a long-lasting remedy.

Short Term Fix

Automotivated in Second Avenue offer short term fixes as one of their services. This is for customers who need a quick, temporary solution to get their vehicle back on the road. The primary focus is addressing immediate issues, not replacements or extensive repairs. It’s an affordable and convenient option for those with limited time and budget constraints.

However, Automotivated makes sure their customers understand the risks and limitations of a short term fix. They provide transparency and clear communication about the implications of their services. This builds trust and confidence that their customers make informed decisions.

Fulton Automotive take a different approach. Their emphasis is on providing reliable, long-term solutions rather than temporary fixes. This shows how mechanics have varying approaches to addressing mechanical problems. Knowing the differences helps customers choose the best option for their individual needs.

Basic Service

A Basic Service is a procedure to maintain a vehicle’s proper functioning. This includes inspecting and replacing components such as oil filters and spark plugs, so the engine runs smoothly and no major breakdowns occur.

  • At Automotivated in Second Avenue, mechanics aim to save money for their customers while still providing high-quality service.
  • Fulton Automotive in Maunganui offers a Basic Service as a quick fix for minor car issues.
  • Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd in Gate Pa adds brake repairs to their Basic Service package.

Note that Basic Services may differ between mechanics. Ask about the details to ensure it fits your vehicle’s needs.

Pro Tip: Regularly scheduling Basic Services prevents expensive repairs and extends the life of your car.

Mechanic 4: Avila Mobile Mechanic

Mechanic 4: Avila Mobile Mechanic

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Keith Lewis

Avila Mobile Mechanic stands out from the crowd in Tauranga. They offer excellent services, straight to their customers’ doorsteps. Their team of expert mechanics can diagnose and repair a wide range of car problems. Avila is renowned for their commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality service.

They offer general maintenance, engine repairs, and electrical diagnostics. Mobile services save customers time and hassle. Plus, Avila Mobile Mechanic is transparent when it comes to pricing.

Customer convenience and satisfaction are top priorities. Here, clients get competitive prices and top-notch service. Avila Mobile Mechanic is the go-to choice for anyone in need of an auto mechanic in Tauranga!

Mechanic 5: Premier Automotive in Eleventh Avenue

Mechanic 5: Premier Automotive in Eleventh Avenue

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Bryan Miller

At Premier Automotive on Eleventh Avenue in Tauranga, they’re known for their incredible services. With plenty of experience in the world of automotive repairs, they have become one of the area’s top mechanics. They offer many services such as engine diagnostics, brake repairs, and basic maintenance. Customers always come first – they strive to give reliable and efficient solutions for any vehicle needs.

Being in Eleventh Avenue, Premier Automotive is easy to access for locals and tourists. They are highly respected for their professionalism and top-notch services. Skilled mechanics inspect and repair vehicles with the latest tools and technology. Their efficiency and effectiveness has earned them a large customer base in Tauranga.

What makes Premier Automotive stand out from the crowd is their attention to detail and personalised approach. They take the time to understand their customer’s issues and provide customised solutions. On top of that, they provide competitive prices without sacrificing quality. Their commitment to customer satisfaction has gained them a loyal following.

Don’t miss out – head to Premier Automotive in Eleventh Avenue for incredible services. Whether it’s a routine check or a complex repair, their experts are ready to help. Trust Premier Automotive to give reliable and efficient services to keep your vehicle in great condition. Make your appointment today and get the best care for your vehicle.



Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Daniel Flores

Analyzing the best 5 mechanics in Tauranga makes it clear that these experts are highly skilled and dependable. Reference data reveals their specialized knowledge and the quality of their work. With their vast knowledge and experience, they can precisely analyze and fix a wide range of car issues.

Furthermore, reference data illustrates how customer satisfaction matters to these mechanics. They don’t just give excellent repair and maintenance services, but also ensure their customers are informed throughout the process. Their openness in explaining the needed repairs and estimating costs precisely creates trust and betters the overall customer experience.

In addition, the reference data indicates that the top 5 mechanics in Tauranga have state-of-the-art tools and equipment. This lets them conduct repairs and diagnostic tests quickly. Their dedication to using good parts and staying up-to-date with the latest industry advancements marks them out from others in the field.

Overall, reference data points to the remarkable professionalism and expertise of the top 5 mechanics in Tauranga. Their enthusiasm for delivering top-notch services, focusing on customer satisfaction, and investing in advanced tools and equipment make them the top choice for car repairs in the area.

To sum up, the findings show that the top 5 mechanics in Tauranga are very skilled, dependable, and devoted to giving exceptional service to their clients. Their recognition by a well-known automotive review website confirms their remarkable service and expertise.

Some Facts About Top 5 Mechanics in Tauranga:

  • ✅ Fulton Automotive in Maunganui is a reliable option for car servicing, with a 4.8/5 Google review rating. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Elite Automotive Repairs Ltd in Gate Pa specializes in general mechanical repairs and has a 4.7/5 Google review rating. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Automotivated in Second Avenue specializes in brake and clutch servicing, particularly for European vehicles. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Avila mobile mechanic offers pre-purchase inspections, general services, and breakdown assistance as a mobile repair service in Tauranga. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Premier Automotive in Eleventh Avenue has been serving Tauranga for over 30 years and provides a wide range of services, including timing belts and transmission repair. (Source: Team Research)