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Tauranga Art Gallery

Situated in the Tauranga CBD, the Tauranga Art Gallery has consistently delivered high-quality exhibitions within its contemporary gallery space. Visiting this public art gallery will stimulate your imagination as you look upon a fantastic array of art such as paintings, music, literature, film, photography and sculpture.

This great Art Gallery presents historic and contemporary art, also housing a permanent collection along with frequently changing local and visiting exhibitions. If you are a keen viewer of art, the local Art Gallery will provide you with the stimulation that you wouldn’t otherwise have if not for this beautiful art gallery.

As much as people can talk about art and such things, words are never enough to showcase and enlighten people on what they will experience at art galleries. Upon which visiting yourself, you are guaranteed a much more lively experience of the art gallery as a whole.

You’ll find the Tauranga Art Gallery on the corner of Wharf and Willow streets in the heart of the CBD in downtown Tauranga. Across the road from the Tauranga Library and local information centre. 

There are touring exhibitions and other notable experiences to be had. Of the many, this gallery delivers exhibitions that meet todays modern art gallery standards.

If you are after an exceptional art experience, visit and discover the locally inspiring artwork on display.

FREE admission to New Zealand residents. Donations are always greatly appreciated.

International Visitors: $7 per person. Those 12 years old and under are free.

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