Pori Pori Waterhole

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Pori Pori Swimming Hole

Pori Pori Water hole is very well known throughout Tauranga and is a popular swimming spot during the summer months. It is very rarely a quiet place to swim on those hot, humid days. Locals and holiday goers rave about the beautiful surroundings and fun that’s possible for the whole family. Hence why it is often so busy!

The swimming hole itself is surrounded by rocks and forest. This water hole is not seen from the car park but is only a short distance away. You first have to cross the river and then make your way through a small area of bush. The path is unmissable and will most likely be in use as you find your way.

Making your way down toward the swimming hole you will discover small, shallow rock pools for enjoyable safe swimming and exploring. This awesome water hole is deep and allows for the jumping off high rocks for the more adventurous, strong swimmers.

The parking space available is a gravel patch on Poripori Road. As noted earlier, it is rarely seen where this is not busy. But I’ve never had a problem not finding a place to park.

Before swimming at Pori Pori, check these dates!

Pori Pori swimming hole, which has become a very popular swimming location during the summer months, is at times an unsafe place to swim. Trustpower releases water from upstream for recreational kayaking and causes a significant increase in the water levels by approximately one metre in height.

During these times, it is not safe to swim in the area as the water levels are too high.

The dates can be seen by visiting the Trustpower website below.

Trustpower Release Dates

We along with Trustpower strongly advise that you do not visit Pori Pori on these dates. Thank you.

Map and Directions for Poripori Rd Water Hole

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This is a very popular swimming hole in Tauranga. Take a look at the image gallery below so you know what to expect when visiting this great place to swim.

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