Omanu Beach

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Omanu Beach in Tauranga, New Zealand

Omanu beach is a fantastic place for a day out with the family. Situated in the suburb of Omanu, this beach is a popular spot to swim during the summer months. It is a beautiful white sandy beach. The background along this stretch are houses and sand dunes.

The local community back the local Surf Life Saving Club in Omanu are avid beach goers. Combining with other Tauranga residents, Omanu beach becomes a hugely popular beach during the hot summer months. 

Over time, Omanu beach has garnered a reputation as being one of the more risky beaches to swim at. Swimmers are found more likely to be safe during the smaller wave days as large holes and rips tend to be present when swells are over a metre or so. This is compared to other local beaches, such as Mount Maunganui beach.

Swimmers of course are always told to stay within the flags. The area of which is patrolled and keen eyes are watching over. Omanu Beach has awesome life guards patrolling and keeping the public safe over the weekends during summer.

The Omanu Beach Surf Life Saving Club was founded in 1947, and has more than 700 members, making it the largest club in the Bay of Plenty. The club has the largest junior surf programme in NZ, with over 400 junior surfers. Much larger than the other local Mount Maunganui Surf Club.

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