Ohauiti Reserve Walkway

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Ohauiti Reserve Walkway

The Ohauiti Reserve Walkway is an excellent way to get around the surrounding area. Located near the city, it has several walking tracks that wind through bush, wetlands, open grassland, and flood plains. Their is also a loop track. The reserve  itself, has a number of other attractions as well.

The Ohauiti walking track is roughly 4km when including all routes.  This reserve is located near the city of Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty Region. The easy going tracks make the route ideal for families, both young and old. The trail is rated easy and is accessible by bicycle or on foot.

You’ll find a small  car parking area available on McFetridge Lane. If you are to park near other access points, only on-street parking is available.

There are no toilets throughout this reserve or nearby.

Ohauiti is a semi-rural suburb in Tauranga. It is within a 10-minute drive of central Tauranga, and a 2-minute drive from the Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology. In addition to the Ohauiti Reserve Walkway, the nearby parks and reserves offer picnic and play areas. 

Map of the walking tracks throughout the local Reserve in Ohauiti

Ohauiti Reserve Walkway Map

This map has come from the local Tauranga City Council website.

Access Points into Ohauiti Reserve

Access Points: McFetridge Lane or Rowesdale Drive. Both are off Ohauiti Road. About 2.5km South of Welcome Bay Road.

Map and Directions for Ohauiti Reserve Walkway

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