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Ngamuwahine Track

If you are looking for a fantastic day walk in the bush with family or friends, the Ngamuwahine Track is a great option. The track passes through the Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park, crossing the Ngamuwahine stream and meeting a junction with the Leyland O’Brien Tramline Track. It ends at the Leyland O’Brien Tramline Track, and then returns to the same point.

The Ngamuwahine Tracks are situated on the northern slopes of the Kaimai Ranges in the Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park. 

The track is accessible from the end of Ngamuwahine Road. The road is a right turn coming out of Tauranga off SH29, roughly 25km south of Tauranga. About 3km long, the road is gravel and has blind corners. For most of the road, it is only about 1 vehicle wide. This means when meeting with oncoming traffic, one will generally reverse to the nearest available passing spot.

Nearing the end of the road, you will reach a parking area and an open grassed soace. Here you will find the Ngamuwahine lodge and the river. It is from the parking area where you will have to walk up and towards the beginning of the track. It passes through a gate that is locked which you’ll have to climb over. From here you will have access to the trail.

The Ngamuwahine Track offers a great opportunity to explore the forest on the Kaimai Ranges. When you begin you will climb through steep bush behind the lodge, cross a river(yes, there are river crossings) and meet an intersection with the DOC track. Once you’ve reached the intersection, the Ngamuwahine Loop Track guides you directly into the Leyland O’Brien Tramline, which is approximately a 1.5-hour walk.

While the Ngamuwahine Track on the Kaimai Range differs as far as not offering great views over the Bay, it certainly is a fantastic way to explore and get amongst nature. The track is quite easy to follow and would be suitable for family outings. 

The stream is also known for trout and it’s hard to find warm thermal spots. Enjoy a refreshing swim as you try to find a thermal spot to warm up in.

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