Mt Maunganui Beach

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Mount Maunganui Beach

Mt Maunganui Beach is located in the North Island of New Zealand. It is within the Bay of Plenty region and is well known as one of the countries favourite beaches.

Mount Main Beach is a glorious place to swim, surf and sunbathe on the soft white sand. While in the summer time the Mount beach becomes very busy with locals and holiday goers, there is always more than enough room for family and friends to set up and enjoy this wonderful white sandy beach.

With the Mt Maunganui surf lifeguards patrolling during the summer months to keep us safe, it is a great option for a family friendly beach. As always, it is advised to swim between the flags where a close eye is watched. Rips and rough waves can often form, however, generally this place is beautifully calm and safe.

This unique beach sits between the Mount’s renowned mountain ‘Mauao’, and Leisure Island, both of whom are within easy walking distance, offering unique walks in and of themselves. As does the Mauao base track and summit walking tracks.

Situated on the opposite side of the sandbar is a lovely, sheltered but peaceful beach on the inner harbour side. This is known as Pilot Bay.

Mt Maunganui Beach is loved by surfers and boogie boarders as they ride in on waves that are well worth the excitement. The Beach offers fairly consistent surf, both right and left handed breaks, Mount Beach being the perfect place for surfers to simply enjoy.

Car parking is available alongside the beach, however, generally The Mount is very busy during weekends and over summer. Toilets are available. On the northern (Mauao) end, around mid-way along the beach and over the road near Mount Drury, opposite Moturiki (Leisure) Island.

The Mount beach is accompanied by a wide boardwalk. Perfect for strolling along enjoying the wonderful atmosphere where on the Mauao end, you’ll find plenty of cafes and restaurants. Or an ice-cream parlour to quickly cool yourself with something icy cold.

Mount Maunganui’s famous beach is unique and popular, widely enjoyed by locals and holiday goers from around New Zealand and the world. This is where cruise ships come an go and so is a popular holiday destination. Always being able to find things to do near by, it is a fantastic beach that ticks every box when wanting to enjoy the sun, relax and enjoy time with the family.

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Check out Mount Maunganui Beach below in this great image gallery. Take a look at why this beach has been awarded New Zealand’s number one spot. It is truly a wonderful place with a fantastic atmosphere within the great Bay of Plenty.

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