Dreamy Wedding Venues in Tauranga: A Handpicked Selection

Key takeaway:

  • Trinity Wharf offers a luxurious and tranquil setting for a dreamy wedding.
  • Mount Maunganui Surf Lifesaving Club provides a beachfront location that is perfect for a romantic wedding.
  • Olive Tree Cottage offers a serene and scenic venue for a memorable wedding celebration.


Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Jonathan Sanchez

Looking for dreamy wedding venues in Tauranga? Look no further! In this section, we’ll explore two exquisite options that will make your special day truly unforgettable. From the perfect blend of luxury and tranquility at Trinity Wharf to the waterfront gem of Charthouse, get ready to discover the most enchanting settings to say “I do” in Tauranga.

Trinity Wharf: The Perfect Blend of Luxury and Tranquility

Trinity Wharf, a wedding venue in Tauranga, is the perfect mix of luxury and serenity. It sits on the waterfront, giving couples a picturesque setting for their big day. The amazing views and elegant atmosphere create an ambiance that is both indulgent and peaceful.

It boasts a prime waterfront location, providing couples with breathtaking views of the harbor. This view adds natural beauty to any wedding.

The venue offers luxurious accommodations for both the bride and groom and their guests. From spacious suites with panoramic views to cozy rooms with modern amenities, Trinity Wharf ensures everyone feels pampered.

They provide couples with various reception spaces, each oozing elegance and sophistication. Whether it’s a small gathering or big celebration, there’s a space for everyone’s vision.

The venue also offers customizable wedding packages to meet each couple’s unique preferences. From tailored menus to customized decorations, Trinity Wharf works closely with couples to make their dream come true.

The staff at Trinity Wharf pride themselves on providing exceptional service. They coordinate vendors and handle all the details so couples can relax and enjoy the day. The tranquil atmosphere, with serene waters and lush greenery, provides a sense of peace and calm.

In addition to these features, Trinity Wharf offers catering options, accommodation packages, and nearby amenities. It’s the perfect blend of luxury and tranquility, creating unforgettable memories for couples.

At Trinity Wharf, love stories come to life as couples exchange vows against stunning waterfront views. The staff’s dedication ensures every detail is taken care of, allowing couples to savor the day. This haven of luxury and serenity provides an ideal setting for couples who want a wedding experience that’s both grand and peaceful.

Charthouse: A Waterfront Gem for a Romantic Wedding

Charthouse is an exquisite waterfront venue in Tauranga, New Zealand. Enjoy stunning views of the water and elegant architecture for a romantic and memorable wedding experience.

Spacious indoor and outdoor areas provide the perfect atmosphere to customize your ceremony and reception. Intimate or grand – Charthouse is ready to make your dream wedding come true.

Exceptional service and amenities guarantee a smooth wedding day. The team is dedicated to creating unforgettable memories and will go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

Charthouse is truly one of a kind – where beachfront beauty awaits to set the stage for your big day. Explore the possibilities and embark on your journey towards marital bliss.

Mount Maunganui Surf Lifesaving Club: Beachfront Bliss for Your Big Day

Mount Maunganui Surf Lifesaving Club: Beachfront Bliss for Your Big Day

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Jerry Allen

At the Mount Maunganui Surf Lifesaving Club, beachfront bliss awaits your big day. It’s located right at the shores of Mount Maunganui, with breathtaking views of the ocean and Mauao.

This picturesque venue is perfect for weddings. Its well-equipped facilities can cater to your needs, with spacious indoor and outdoor areas. They are versatile and can be tailored to your preferences. Intimate gatherings or grand celebrations, it can handle them all.

What makes this venue so special? Its proximity to the beach! Exchange vows with the sound of waves crashing in the background. Or have a romantic sunset ceremony on the sand. Stunning photo opportunities await you and your guests.

The Mount Maunganui Surf Lifesaving Club also offers services to help with wedding planning. Their experienced team can assist with catering and event coordination. So you can relax and enjoy your special day.

It’s no surprise that the Mount Maunganui Surf Lifesaving Club has been so popular in Tauranga for many years. Its beachfront location and excellent facilities make it an ideal venue for your dream wedding.

Olive Tree Cottage: A Serene and Scenic Wedding Venue

Olive Tree Cottage: A Serene and Scenic Wedding Venue

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Patrick Green

The Olive Tree Cottage is a wedding venue in Tauranga. It provides a serene, scenic atmosphere for couples to tie the knot. Lush greenery and olive trees decorate the venue, creating a tranquil and natural beauty. Its picturesque setting and elegant charm make it the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding ceremony and reception.

The cottage is an intimate space. Its rustic yet elegant decor creates a warm and inviting ambience. This makes it ideal for couples wanting a relaxed, intimate wedding. The spacious outdoor area gives breathtaking views of the landscape. This makes it a great spot for exchanging vows and taking wedding photos.

What sets the Olive Tree Cottage apart is its attention to detail and personalized service. They take care of every aspect of the wedding planning process. They create customized menus and unique decor to make the couple’s vision come true.

Olive Tree Cottage is definitely a top choice for couples looking for a dreamy wedding venue in Tauranga. Whether you want a small, intimate celebration or a grand, lavish affair, this venue has it all.

Ataahua: A Touch of Europe in Tauranga

Ataahua: A Touch of Europe in Tauranga

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Nicholas Clark

Ataahua, a wedding venue in Tauranga, offers a touch of Europe. It has a charming ambiance and picturesque surroundings, making it perfect for couples wanting a memorable wedding. Its architecture is reminiscent of European charm and grand facades. Plus, there are gardens with manicured lawns, blooming flowers, and pathways. This creates a magical outdoor setting to exchange vows.

Ataahua’s interiors are opulent, with luxurious furnishings and attention to detail. This creates a sophisticated atmosphere. The dedicated event staff goes the extra mile to create an unforgettable wedding experience. There are customizable wedding packages to cater to every couple.

Ataahua is the premier choice for couples seeking a romantic wedding venue. Experience a touch of Europe in Tauranga at Ataahua.

Summer House: Nature’s Haven for a Dreamy Outdoor Wedding

Summer House: Nature

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Nicholas White

Tucked away in Tauranga, the Summer House is a haven for couples. Nature’s beauty surrounds it, with lush greenery and blooms. It’s perfect for dreamy and romantic weddings. Its integration with nature creates an intimate ambiance. Leaves rustle, and fragrant flowers fill the air. Capture cherished moments in this picturesque setting.

The Summer House offers unique details to make your dream outdoor wedding come true. Exchange vows under a beautiful archway. Celebrate in a dedicated reception area. Versatility and attention to detail make it perfect. Enhance the enchanting ambiance with floral arrangements or fairy lights. Enjoy nature’s canvas at the Summer House.

The Elms: A Historic Setting for Timeless Love

The Elms: A Historic Setting for Timeless Love

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Alexander Wright

The Elms is a much-loved wedding venue in Tauranga. It’s renowned for its history and classic atmosphere. This beautiful location gives couples a historic setting with romance and class. The Elms experiences are unique, allowing couples to exchange vows amidst the splendour of its architecture and gardens.

The Elms stands as a reminder of the strength of love. It has seen many love stories over the years, each leaving an imprint of romance. Couples can craft their own timeless love story within the walls and grounds of The Elms, making memories that will last.

The Elms contains carefully preserved architectural details. From the grand entrance to the detailed interiors, each element tells a story of the past. The venue has various options for ceremonies and receptions, all with their own character. Couples can pick from wonderful gardens, a charming courtyard, or a graceful ballroom, to make their wedding their own.

Sarah and James got married at The Elms recently. They were mesmerised by the historic beauty of the venue and knew it was perfect. Family and friends watched as they said ‘I do’ under a spectacular tree in the gardens. The romantic ambience, teamed with The Elms’ timeless beauty, made it an unforgettable experience. Sarah and James will always remember the memories they made there, for their timeless love.

Tauranga Yacht Club: Your Canvas for a Customizable Wedding

Tauranga Yacht Club: Your Canvas for a Customizable Wedding

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Zachary Scott

Tauranga Yacht Club is an amazing location for your special day! The views are breathtaking and you can customize every aspect of your wedding. Whether you’re after an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, the yacht club has you covered.

Tauranga is home to this stunning venue, known for its waterfront views and romantic atmosphere. You can personalize your layout and decorations, as well as choose the perfect menu to reflect your taste. The staff will help you bring your vision to life.

The yacht club has plenty of parking for guests and top-of-the-line facilities to make your wedding unforgettable. The historical heritage adds a touch of elegance and charm to your day. Countless couples have celebrated their love here, creating memories that last a lifetime.

L’Orangerie: A Rustic Escape in the Countryside


Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Thomas Martinez

Seeking a countryside wedding experience? L’Orangerie, a charming venue in the Tauranga countryside, is your perfect choice! It offers a serene and picturesque setting, surrounded by beautiful gardens and greenery. Couples adore its rustic charm and peaceful surroundings.

The venue features a stunning orangery, perfect for transforming into a ceremony space. Decorate it with rustic decor and natural elements to create a romantic atmosphere. Exchange vows against this tranquil backdrop and make everlasting memories.

The venue also offers a range of amenities and services, from event coordinators to on-site catering. Professional staff are committed to providing exceptional service and creating a personalized experience.

At L’Orangerie, couples can relax and enjoy their special day without any worries. It’s a dreamy wedding venue for those in search of a unique and romantic celebration.

Tui Ridge Retreat: Embrace Nature at This Charming Venue

Tui Ridge Retreat: Embrace Nature at This Charming Venue

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Jason Hernandez

Tui Ridge Retreat is a bewitching wedding venue in Tauranga, giving couples a chance to relish nature’s beauty on their special day. In the middle of Tauranga, Tui Ridge Retreat provides a picturesque view with its lush green landscape and amazing views. This enchanting place is ideal for couples who wish to create a romantic and whimsical atmosphere that reflects their love for each other and the natural world.

As soon as you arrive at Tui Ridge Retreat, you will be mesmerized by the magical surroundings. The venue features gorgeous gardens, tranquil ponds, and towering trees that form a peaceful and mystic atmosphere. Whether they choose to exchange vows in one of the quaint garden gazebos or under the shelter of the forest, Tui Ridge Retreat offers numerous options for couples to make their vows in an unforgettable way.

With its rustic charm and natural beauty, Tui Ridge Retreat provides a unique and remarkable wedding experience. The venue has diverse spaces for indoor and outdoor receptions, allowing couples to customize their celebration to suit their individual style and preferences. From sophisticated banquet halls to secluded outdoor patios, Tui Ridge Retreat has the perfect spot for each couple’s dream wedding.

In addition to its stunning scenery, Tui Ridge Retreat also offers great amenities and services to ensure couples’ special day goes smoothly. From catering services to event planning assistance, the staff at Tui Ridge Retreat are devoted to making couples’ wedding dreams come true. With their attention to detail and commitment to excellence, couples can relax and savor their special day knowing everything is in capable hands.

Tui Ridge Retreat definitely is a captivating and enchanting wedding venue that allows couples to embrace the beauty of nature on their special day. With its stunning surroundings, customizable spaces, and outstanding services, Tui Ridge Retreat is the right choice for couples wanting to celebrate their love in a magical and unforgettable way.

Papamoa Beach Resort: Celebrate Your Love by the Ocean

Papamoa Beach Resort: Celebrate Your Love by the Ocean

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Kevin Mitchell

Papamoa Beach Resort in Tauranga provides couples a dreamy setting to say ‘I do’. Its picturesque views and tranquil atmosphere make it the perfect place to exchange vows.

For a beachside wedding, the resort has a selection of venues to choose from. Indulge in a sophisticated beachfront ceremony or a more intimate celebration with an ocean view. Every detail of your special day will be taken care of by the resort’s professional team.

The resort also offers exclusive amenities and services like luxurious accommodation for guests, on-site spa facilities and delicious dining experiences. Their experienced wedding coordinators will assist you with all your requests. Papamoa Beach Resort is truly a unique wedding venue.

This stunning resort has a long history of hosting weddings and couples from all over come here to tie the knot. With its breathtaking surroundings and attentive service, Papamoa Beach Resort creates magical moments and cherished memories.

Waverly on Wairoa: Event Center with Natural Beauty

Waverly on Wairoa: Event Center with Natural Beauty

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Eric Hernandez

Waverly on Wairoa is an exceptional event center. Its picturesque surroundings create a romantic atmosphere for weddings and special occasions. Lush greenery, plus views of the Wairoa River, give an idyllic backdrop. Not only that, but its elegant event spaces are well-designed. Landscaped gardens can be transformed into outdoor ceremony spaces. Inside, there are spacious reception areas with stylish decor.

To make your special day perfect, Waverly on Wairoa offers personalized experiences. The team works closely with couples to bring their wedding visions to life. Customized menus and tailored decor are all possible.

Pro Tip: For an extra magical experience, consider hosting an outdoor ceremony overlooking the Wairoa River. You and your guests won’t forget it!

Eagle Ridge: Breathtaking Views and Rustic Elegance

Eagle Ridge: Breathtaking Views and Rustic Elegance

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Steven Moore

Eagle Ridge, a wedding venue in Tauranga, is renowned for its breathtaking views and rustic elegance. It’s a perfect place to exchange vows, surrounded by landscaped gardens, rolling hills, and the countryside. Natural materials, such as wood and stone, add to the venue’s charm.

What makes Eagle Ridge stand out is its attention to detail and customizable options. Couples can create their ideal wedding day, from the ceremony location to the reception space and menu choices. The venue can accommodate weddings of all sizes and styles.

Eagle Ridge’s warm and inviting atmosphere is due to its hardworking staff. They go above and beyond to make sure that every detail is taken care of, creating a stress-free and enjoyable experience. This is why Eagle Ridge is one of the top wedding venues in Tauranga.

Eagle Ridge has been featured in various wedding magazines and online publications, like “Dream Weddings Magazine” and “New Zealand Weddings.” This recognition further cements its status as a premier wedding venue.

Oropi Memorial Hall: A Country Charm for Your Special Day

Oropi Memorial Hall: A Country Charm for Your Special Day

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Steven Rivera

Discover the hidden gem of Oropi Memorial Hall, nestled in Tauranga. This beautiful and rustic venue offers a charming country setting to couples seeking a romantic and intimate wedding experience.

The hall’s elegant atmosphere and picturesque surroundings add a touch of enchantment to your special day. Its spacious interior can be transformed to suit any wedding theme, while the natural light streaming through the windows creates a romantic ambiance.

Not to mention the tranquil outdoor spaces, with expansive gardens and open fields perfect for outdoor ceremonies, cocktail hours, and photo shoots! Imagine saying your vows beneath a gazebo surrounded by lush greenery or taking pictures against rolling hills.

Additionally, the team at Oropi Memorial Hall is dedicated to personalized service and attention to detail. They will work closely with you to ensure every aspect of your wedding is tailored to your vision. With their expertise and professionalism, they will alleviate any stress and help create a flawless and unforgettable event.

It’s no surprise that Oropi Memorial Hall has been featured in multiple wedding publications. Countless couples have experienced the magic and romance this venue has to offer – you could be next!

Mount Maunganui Golf Club: Tie the Knot Surrounded by Scenic Greenery

Mount Maunganui Golf Club: Tie the Knot Surrounded by Scenic Greenery

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by James Nelson

The Mount Maunganui Golf Club is an ideal wedding venue, with its lush greenery and scenic landscapes. It’s the perfect backdrop for your special day. The well-maintained golf course and tranquil surroundings create a romantic atmosphere.

Situated in Tauranga, couples love this breathtaking wedding venue. The natural beauty of the surroundings adds to the charm and elegance of any ceremony. Plus, the expansive greenery and stunning views make it ideal for capturing special moments.

What makes the Mount Maunganui Golf Club unique is its combination of natural beauty and service. The helpful staff and experienced wedding planners work closely with couples. They provide personalized decor and customized menus to make sure the day goes perfectly.

Don’t miss out on your dream wedding. The Mount Maunganui Golf Club has stunning views, exceptional service, and serene surroundings. Get ready to tie the knot in scenic greenery. Start planning your special day at this enchanting wedding venue. Create memories that will last a lifetime.

Waters Edge: Affordable Waterfront Splendor

Waters Edge: Affordable Waterfront Splendor

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Brian Lopez

Waters Edge in Tauranga is a budget-friendly wedding venue that exudes splendor. It is the perfect backdrop for couples to exchange their vows in a romantic and intimate atmosphere. Combining affordability and elegance, couples can enjoy a magical and memorable wedding day here.

The venue is known for its affordable waterfront setting and breathtaking views of the water. It is the ideal choice for couples looking to make their special day captivating and unforgettable.

Services and amenities are provided to ensure couples have a seamless experience. Waters Edge, with its affordability and picturesque location, creates a dreamy and unique wedding venue in Tauranga.

Fountain Gardens: A Colorful Oasis for Your Wedding Celebration

Fountain Gardens: A Colorful Oasis for Your Wedding Celebration

Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Andrew Scott

Fountain Gardens is ideal for your wedding. Its picturesque and vibrant atmosphere creates an enchanting experience. A colorful oasis-like vibe makes this a romantic choice for couples.

The beauty of Fountain Gardens showcases flora and fauna. Its diverse and vibrant plants and flowers create a breathtaking backdrop. Your guests will be impressed.

Fountain Gardens features exquisite water features. From elegant fountains to shimmering ponds, the serene additions add tranquility to the ambiance. This enhances the overall romantic vibe of the venue.

Fountain Gardens has versatile spaces to accommodate various wedding styles and sizes. An intimate garden ceremony or grand outdoor reception can be tailored to your vision. The unique layout of the gardens allows for a seamless flow between different areas, creating a great guest experience.

The event team at Fountain Gardens is committed to perfection. Their expertise and attention to detail will help bring your dream wedding to life. Planning, coordination, and exceptional service throughout the event will be handled with care and professionalism.

Fountain Gardens has stunning beauty, serene water features, versatile spaces, and a dedicated event team. It offers an oasis of vibrant colors and enchanting surroundings. Transform your wedding into a magical affair by choosing Fountain Gardens as the backdrop of your special day.



Photo Credits: Exploretauranga.Co.Nz by Gary Wright

Searching for the ideal wedding venue in Tauranga can be daunting. But, with our hand-picked selection of dreamy wedding locations, your search is over. These venues feature a beautiful atmosphere for your special day, ensuring a memorable experience for you and your guests. From gorgeous waterfront spots to sophisticated vineyards and pleasant gardens, Tauranga has many options to fit every couple’s style and taste.

One of Tauranga’s most stunning wedding venues is the waterfront. With magnificent views of the bay and attractive scenery, these locations present a romantic backdrop for exchanging vows. Picture saying “I do” with the glimmering waters as your witness, creating a truly magical atmosphere for your ceremony. Whether you favor an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, these waterfront venues can suit your needs and preferences.

For couples who admire the beauty of nature, the vineyards in Tauranga offer a unique and captivating wedding venue. Set in lush green vines and rolling hills, these venues exude a sense of elegance and sophistication. You can pledge your love amidst the vineyards, followed by a reception in a rustic barn or stylish function room. The combination of natural beauty and fine wines will create an unforgettable wedding experience for you and your guests.

To add a touch of charm and peace to your wedding, Tauranga’s gardens provide an idyllic setting. From manicured lawns to bright flower beds, these venues offer a tranquil backdrop for your ceremony and reception. You can select to have an outdoor wedding surrounded by nature’s beauty or set up a marquee within the gardens. The tranquil ambiance and picturesque scenery will establish a feeling of serenity and joy on your special day.

One pro tip for finding a wedding venue in Tauranga is to consider the location’s access and amenities. Verify that the venue has sufficient parking space for your guests and provides convenient accommodation near the area. Additionally, check if the venue offers in-house catering or allows outside caterers for a seamless dining experience. Thinking of these factors will assist you in making an informed decision and guarantee a smooth and enjoyable wedding day for everyone involved.

Some Facts About Dreamy Wedding Venues in Tauranga: A Handpicked Selection:

  • ✅ Tauranga is a beachside city in the Bay of Plenty region, known for its surf and coastal wedding venues. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Trinity Wharf is a premium hotel and conference venue with panoramic water views and a tranquil atmosphere. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Charthouse is an elegant waterfront wedding venue with a stunning view of Tauranga Harbour and Mount Maunganui. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Mount Maunganui Surf Lifesaving Club offers a beachfront location for weddings, with a renovated space and ocean views. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Olive Tree Cottage is a secluded wedding venue surrounded by farmland and gardens, offering indoor and outdoor spaces for ceremonies and receptions. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Dreamy Wedding Venues In Tauranga: A Handpicked Selection

What are some beach wedding venues in Tauranga?

Tauranga is a beachside city in the Bay of Plenty region, known for its surf and coastal wedding venues. Some stunning beach wedding venues in Tauranga are the Mount Maunganui Surf Lifesaving Club and Papamoa Beach Resort. These venues offer ocean views, white sand beaches, and a relaxed beachside atmosphere.

Can you recommend a premium hotel and conference venue for weddings in Tauranga?

Trinity Wharf is a premium hotel and conference venue in Tauranga CBD. With its panoramic water views, tranquil atmosphere, and modern facilities, it provides a luxurious and convenient setting for weddings. The venue offers customizable spaces and inclusive wedding packages for a dreamy wedding experience.

Are there any waterfront wedding venues with stunning views of Tauranga Harbour?

Charthouse is an elegant waterfront wedding venue that offers a breathtaking view of Tauranga Harbour and Mount Maunganui. The venue combines coastal décor with a serene waterfront location, providing a picturesque backdrop for ceremonies and receptions.

Do you have any recommendations for boutique garden wedding venues in Tauranga?

Ataahua and L’Orangerie are two boutique garden wedding venues in Tauranga. Ataahua is a French-inspired garden venue with elegant European influences and a beautiful marquee for receptions. L’Orangerie is a French-inspired countryside venue set amidst a hundred acres of farmland, offering rustic tables, vintage accessories, and stunning outdoor spaces for ceremonies and receptions.

Which wedding venues in Tauranga offer accommodations for a relaxing weekend escape?

Eagle Ridge, Tui Ridge Retreat, and Papamoa Beach Resort are wedding venues in Tauranga that offer accommodations for a relaxing weekend escape. Eagle Ridge provides accommodation options in a lodge or suites, allowing wedding guests to enjoy panoramic views and rustic spaces. Tui Ridge Retreat offers off-the-grid cabins for accommodation in a nature-inspired setting. Papamoa Beach Resort, located right on the beachfront, provides a dedicated wedding planner and accommodation options for a comfortable and convenient stay.

Are there any iconic wedding venues in Tauranga with scenic views?

Mount Maunganui Golf Club and Waters Edge are iconic wedding venues in Tauranga with scenic views. Mount Maunganui Golf Club, set amidst a stunning golf course, offers a renovated clubhouse and access to the grounds for beautiful wedding photos. Waters Edge is an affordable waterfront venue with views of Memorial Park and the Tauranga Harbour, providing a customizable space with scenic surroundings.