Coronation Park

Simple Park In Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

Coronation Park

Located in the heart of Mt Maunganui, Coronation Park is the ideal location for a family picnic or a night out with friends. The quaint park is situated alongside Salisbury Ave and Maunganui Road, and is within easy walking distance of the Mount’s many attractions, including the famous Mauao Summit. It hosts events such as gourmet night markets, art exhibitions, dog shows, and family fun days, and is also open to the public for dog walks. Here you can catch a variety of different events that are free to attend.

The park is surrounded by a unique picturesque setting as in the past, Coronation Park was a railway workshop, but has since become a beautiful park with some of New Zealand’s most distinctive trees, such as kauri and pohutukawa.

Another option for tourists is to take a stroll through the park. It has some beautiful trees, including those mentioned above, but also rewarewa, puriri, rimu, tarata, photukawa, akiraho and totara. The beach is only a short walk away, and you’ll be able to enjoy the view of the harbour while doing so.

The name for Coronation Park comes from a time during the year 1937. The land before this time was being used as a railway workshop but was reverted to Crown Land at a time that coincided with King George VI’s Coronation In 1937.

The unique grove of native trees on the northern side of the Park was made to commemorate this occasion. People from all over the Bay of Plenty region visit Mount Maunganui each year, and this park is always walked past or through.

Map and Directions for Coronation Park in Mount Maunganui

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Here is a small gallery of this small but useful park. Sitting near the heart of Mt Maunganui, Coronation Park hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Attracting people from all over the Bay of Plenty and New Zealand.

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