Kaiate Falls

Walk and Waterfall

Kaiate Falls Walk and Waterfall in Welcome Bay

Kaiate Falls, also known as Te Rerekawau Falls, is a pair of impressive waterfalls with the first one being a three-tiered upper series. This is then followed by an attractive plunge of the lower waterfall, which is 15m high. When reaching the base, you’ll also find a beautiful swimming hole where you can enjoy an awesome swim and find a spot for lunch.

Upon your arrival, you will reach parking area where the beginning of the trail begins. It’s from this car park here you’ll also find a public toilet and a view of Mauao. From here, you make your way down a dirt track that is easy to follow. Though out the track there are some sets of steps.

As you make your way down, you’ll also find yourself walking through the beautiful forest on your way towards this stunning attraction. There are also a number of cool spots where you can cast your eyes on each of the three cascading waterfalls before you move along to the main waterfall.

Before reaching the base, you will hear the plunge of the waterfall. Beneath this lovely attraction is a waterhole that is great to swim in during the summertime. Fortunately, there is enough space to find a spot that is great for picnics with a view of the spectacular waterfall.

The swimming hole is not advisable to swim in for a few days after a decent amount of rainfall. This is due to perhaps having become contaminated.

Tracks are well-formed throughout the reserve. Easy to follow and walk on. You will require a moderate level of fitness and care as you make your way down the Kaiate Falls walk and back up the tracks. It would be wise to wear appropriate footwear, sometimes that is bare feet. Something to remember, during time of rainfall and up to a few days after, the tracks can become slippery in places.

Kaiate Falls Walk Quick Information

Location: Near 126 Kaiate Falls Rd, just over the bridge. 20km out from Tauranga and a roughly 25 minute drive. Map below.

Length of walk: Roughly 2km in total length.

Time Required: 45 minutes to 1 hour. At a leisurely pace.

Difficulty: Medium (There are a few steps)

Wheelchair Access: No

Will you get wet: No, unless you choose to have a dip in the swimming hole at the base of the track.

Toilets: Yes, at the car park

Dogs Allowed: Yes, a great place to take your dog.

Cellphone Reception: Yes/No

Track Quality: Nice, clean, clear track

Map and Directions for Kaiate Falls

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Kaiate Falls Image Gallery

Below is an image gallery of Kaiate Falls that shows just how wonderful a place it really is. An excellent place for a walk and perhaps a refreshing swim during the summer.

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