Fishing Off Papamoa Beach

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Discover Great Fishing Off Papamoa Beach

Fishing off Papamoa Beach has become very popular and is often visited by fisherman from all over the Bay. This beach is awesome for surfcasting and is becoming more and more popular. With a long coastline, there is plenty of room to spread out and enjoy time fishing off the beach. Kontiki’s are also now very popular and are widely used.

The type of fish people tend to generally catch here consist of kahawai and snapper. Other species of fish people catch here but are not as common are terakihi, john dory and gurnard.

Fishing off Papamoa Beach not only makes for an enjoyable time but also often valuable. People do walk along this beach quite often depending where one settles to fish. So please be careful and let others know where fishing lines and equipment are.


Map and Directions for Papamoa Beach Fishing

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